While some were having weird Sacramento expreiences (see post below), I am on a little vacation in the OC. I use that word loosely, since I am home for my sister’s birthday and have spent most of my time running errands, watching kids movies, and fighting with family members (isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?). I was picking up my cousin up at camp at UCI and there were some signs posted that said NO PICK UP OR DROP OFF. I saw them on my way over there, but there was absolutely no other pick up area in sight. I saw my cousin and she ran to the car and was hopping in (yea, I stopped to pick her up) and we were about to leave when a parking guy came over to the car and looked at me and shouted, “DON’T YOU KNOW HOW TO READ?” First, there were no signs in that area; second, we were already leaving; and third, there was no need to be rude and approach the situation like that. A simple, “You’re not allowed to stop here” would have sufficed.

I think a little power goes to some people’s heads…has anyone out there had a similiar experience?

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