Neighborhood of the Damned?

A quick follow-up from the other night

So far in my new ‘hood, for those keeping track, I’ve had: ‘shrooms under my window, flies in my vent/apartment, and wasps building a nest under the eaves on my porch.

And on Saturday night – a tree branch cracked under its own weight, crashed the street below, and apparently, according to the comments of the tree-cutter who came to clear the mess, displaced some neighborhood bees.

Today, driving home from work, windows down, music up, enjoying the comparatively cool and fresh afternoon air, I turned on to my street, and into . . . a . . . .SWARM!

Okay, it wasn’t quite thick clouds of bees, but it was hundreds of yellow, darting bees nonetheless. Whether that rises to the level of swarm, I don’t know. Experts feel free to comment below. But I kept my cool long enough to realize that I needed to a) not drive into anything and b) roll up my windows really f-ing fast. I did both and pulled into the garage, peeping out just far enough to marvel at the flying cloud of death just outside.

I noticed some kind of large equipment truck in the alley across the street – not telling if the bees were from something knocked out of the fallen tree parts or from the hedge in the alley. They certainly weren’t buzzing around this morning. But I’ll be damn careful tomorrow . . . .

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  1. tinytot (unregistered) on August 1st, 2006 @ 12:28 pm

    I think the REAL problem here is that living in the City made you forget what it’s like to live amongst nature. There aren’t really . . . bugs, and such . . . in the Bay. There’s creepy hippy homeless people . . . but that’s not exactly the same thing . . . .

    :) Embrace nature. LOOOOOOOVE nature.

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