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Willie In William Land Park


Ursula’s post about the Zoo event this weekend made me think about my other favorite Land Park summer activity: The Sacramento Shakespeare Festival.

Performed in the park’s lovely amphitheater, the performances provide a great excuse to enjoy the nighttime air, pack a picnic, and get your culture on all at the same time. There are only a few chances left this year to catch either of their two plays – Two Gentlemen of Verona and the always passionate Romeo & Juliet.

The festival has a long history and is always a great time. Go on – score major points for planning the most romantic and cultured first date possible before the curtain falls on August 6.

Pig out for a good cause!

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids this weekend…or if you just want to have a ‘morally strong’ reason to pig out on ice cream, check out the Sacrament Zoo’s Ice Cream Safari this Saturday night. Just $15 for grown ups to eat ‘unlimited’ ice cream, and $12 for kids 3-12. If you have a baby, the baby gets in free.

If you can’t bring yourself to eat until you fall over, maybe one of the other upcoming zoo events will catch your eye.

As for me, the Sac Zoo just hasn’t been the same since my friend the polar bear went off to mate somewhere else. Guess I’ll have to be satisified with staring at the Chimpanzees…

Days Here Draw To The Prettiest Close


Age is only a (dance) number

If I knew that I’d be dancing in the park at 80 years of age, I’d be a happy girl from now until then . . . .

My hat’s off to those who braved the heat to join in on the fun. Danzon in the Park seems like a great activity to keep seniors busy, active, and young at heart.

Eww – Grossest Thing Ever

Let me preface this by saying that I love my apartment. It has central air. That pretty much guarantees I will always love my apartment.

However, I discovered something tonight so disturbing, so icky, so shiver-inducing, that I immediately ran here to the computer to blog it. No, not more mushrooms.

While leaning over a dish of freshly baked chicken, I heard a small buzzing noise. At first I thought it was just the sound of juices sizzling as I checked the meat for pink areas of death. The more I listened the more it began to sound more like insect noise. Fly in the house? That happens, sure. I looked up into the vent hood over the stove – specifically at the light, guessing that’s where any little bugger would be. Still nothing.

Then my focus zeroed in on the mesh vent cover – a semi-spherical dome of tightly woven metal strips. Inside, buzzing furiously in the small space are approximately 10 or so flies! Ewwwww! They can’t get out, that I can tell so far – but how the F did they get in to begin with? Are they dropping teeny bits of fly gross-ness on my stove? I don’t dare remove the dome to clear them out, nor spray it with Raid since it’s so close to eating areas. So nasty.


Who’s ready for some fun, FRIED style??? You better get ready beacuse the State Fair is coming into town…I’m not one to gush about a fair as heat and all things fried isn’t really my thing (although cold and all things fried is a DIFFERENT story-be sure to continue reading the blog into winter).

I am sure we will post more about the fair as it gets closer (it runs August 11th – September 4th at CAL EXPO)…but I just wanted to remind everyone that is selling tickets to the FREE concerts. The ticket prices are pretty reasonable and ensure you’ll get a seat up close and personal (I saw the sweat beads dripping off of Boyz II Men last year). There are still tons of free tickets to the show if you are patient and get ther early and wait it out.

For more info, please visit STATE FAIR FREE CONCERT SERIES.

So, YMCA with The Village People or walk to the End of the Raod with Boyz II Men (they REALLY are MEN now)…think of it as 70s and 80s nostalgia that is NOT provided by VH1.

Too hot to handle

It frightens me that there are residences here in Sacramento that are not air-conditioned. Three people are dead–most likely because of the heat. It seems like that should be a mandatory requirement. Especially now, when it matters.

I recall when I lived in Minneapolis there was a law that they wouldn’t turn off a person’s heat if they couldn’t pay during the winter. It’s called the Cold Weather Rule. Turning off the heat was akin to murder. I wonder if not cooling a living space in this kind of weather is comparable? I’m thinking it may very well be the same premise. Maybe we should vote in a Hot Weather Rule. It might save someone’s life.

Save a bat – build a bat house.

The heat is killing our bats. They’re crowding in beneath the old I Street Bridge – perhaps to keep cool – and the littlest and youngest are getting pushed out and falling to their death.

Why should we care? It’s not just sad from an animal lover’s view. Bats are really important, because they . . .

– help control insect populations, and thereby serve an integral part in ensuring ecological health. One thing they love to munch on: mosquitoes. See earlier post about the aerial spraying being planned for Yolo County.
– are really, really old. There are bat fossils that date back to over 50 million years ago. Anything that’s lived that long, folks, deserves a few seconds of our time. So read on.
– are really, really smart. Like dolphin smart. Check this out.
– are, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department and assorted others, including UC Berkeley’s Museum of Paleontology, probably more accurately classified as primates, not rodents. So, the whole Die Fledermaus thing is just wrong.

Solution to downtown’s dying bat problem: build your own bat house.

A fun project for you and the kids that will give these little fellas another place to call home. Added perk: a little private army to protect you and yours from pesky disease carrying insects.

Sacto Shutterbug? We Want Your Snaps!

You may have noticed that we now have photos rolling in our sidebar, thanks to our Metroblogging Sacramento Flickr Photo Group. It’s a public group, so if you’d like to join it, go for it! Contribute your favorite shots of life around town (make sure they’re photos you’ve taken or have the right to upload to the group). Check out the pics which will rotate here on the site itself – or you can subscribe to the feed here.

Speaking of ‘Your architect’

The SF Chron’s architecture writer has a problem with Daniel Libeskind. The name may or may not be familiar to you – but his face, and those glasses, should ring a bell with those who’ve driven around the site for his Capitol Mall-situated Aura Condos:

But in the architectural game of who’s hot and who’s not, Libeskind is like the rock band that loses street cred once it sells out arenas. His crystalline drama is being rolled out for a casino in Singapore, condo towers in Sacramento and St. Louis and a shopping center for the Las Vegas strip. Instead of revelations, his once-startling moves bring a sense of deja vu.

Wait, were we just subtly slammed by “the city’s” paper? Hmm . . . . Either way, it’s still interesting to read a bit more about the man behind the glasses, er, building that’s going to part of a new downtown Sacramento. It’s also worthwhile to consider the article’s main point: lightening fast trends are especially dangerous in the world of high-profile construction, where it usually takes much longer to construct the cutting edge – so long, in fact, that edge is kinda blunt by opening day.

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