Cal Expo Costco Rant

I’m a regular customer of the aforesaid Costco. Usually we get good service, usually we go home happy. Not this weekend. Seems like most of the cashiers were short-tempered, and we got Mister Nasty-A*s himself, in person. Here are a few tips and comments for Mister NA:

  • Your line is either open or not. Don’t play verbal “Simon Says” games. We’re tired, we have a full cart.
  • Don’t ever, ever comment on how large the purchase being made is–>maybe we won the lottery, maybe we have more than one person in our household, not just one self-serving rude NA like you. Maybe our purchases contribute towards your job security. It seems you would want to encourage people to buy more. If you really wanted to keep your job.
  • I don’t care that you’re off in 30 minutes. Just get me through the cash register with a minimum of your NA remarks.
  • If we don’t laugh, we don’t find you funny. Sarcasm and nasty comments only go so far. Just ask Michael Richards about that one. And he’s a “professional”–you’re not.
  • Yes, I AM buying 5 bags of lettuce mix. We have a bunch of salad eaters at home. So shaddup already.
  • Customers do complain about piss-poor attitudes. We did. Even though we were tired and royally pissed off at your lack of professionalism, we stopped off and put our complaint in writing. We took the time. Maybe you’ll take the time to treat your customers like people, not like the butt of your never-ending wit.

I read somewhere that Costco pays its employees better than any other grocer/retailer. If so, why is the staff at the Cal Expo Costco progressively deteriorating into a mob of snarling snobs? Is it something we said? Don’t think so, as we didn’t say anything to open the conversation. Are they over paid and overeducated? Is this the same syndrome that happens in civil service–they “pretend” to pay us, so we “pretend” to work? Anyone care to comment?

Here’s to the New Year–may we all find good customer service, and if we need to, find jobs that are more suited to our goals and temperaments…

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  1. SFChick74 (unregistered) on January 3rd, 2007 @ 8:40 pm

    My guess is that the management has gone down hill. When the leaders are ineffective, anarchy ensues. Maybe it’s just at my office.

  2. Devin (unregistered) on January 4th, 2007 @ 2:05 am

    This last month is the worst it’s ever been at that Costco. I had a HORRIBLE couple (yes, couple) of experiences over a 3 day period with them right before Christmas.

    Not just you that it’s happened to…

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