The British Are Coming! To A Target Near You, Apparently

It kinda snuck up on me last week.

I was strolling through the Target on Riverside, picking up some odds and ends, and found myself in the cosmetics department, pondering whether I wanted to waste more money on eye shadow I’ll never wear. The cosmetics section – as you may or may not know – is generally divded by brand: Revlon, Cover Girl, Neutrogena . . . Boots.


Yep – there above the kiosk was this logo:


I didn’t realize it was out of place until I placed it in my mind: Boots is a British drugstore chain – or “chemist” as they call ’em in old Blighty – that sells all manner of products, including its own brands. Now Target’s got ’em, which has the British ex-pat community chattering with delight.

I’ve never really shopped at Boots when I’ve been in England, so I can’t imagine starting to go brand-crazy now. But if you’ve always wanted rosy English cheeks and perfectly British-moisterized skin (and didn’t feel like saving money on the discount Kate-Moss-hawked Rimmel brand), then you may be in luck!

Now, if only they’d stock products from Superdrug*:


Because their logo is cooler and I can’t say the name without saying like superfly or superstar – with all the inflection those superwords require.

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