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I’ve been out of town, so when I came back and opened my inbox, I found this passionate letter, waiting to be approved as a comment on my earlier blog about midtown tattoo shops. I guess there’s a hierarchy of shops…unbeknownst to moi, the tattoo-shop-critic amateur. And believe me, I’ll be the first to say I am no expert on these shops. I walk by, I read the sign, I make a judgment based on what I see…from the outside. I noted the seemingly excessive amount of tattoo parlors in midtown, and in passing singled out one of the newer, more visible shops. This elicited the following letter (copied verbatim from my inbox):

Hi. My name is Britton McFetridge and I am the owner of the Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor located on 21st and P st. I would like to give you a little background about our shop and who we are.
I am born and raised in downtown Sacramento. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute, and have been tattooing for over 6 years.
When we found the current location of our tattoo parlor it was in a total mess. The store front known as the Bottle Shop had been neglected for decades. The outside was even worse. Over the years the corner of 21st and Pst had become a place were the homeless congregated and drug dealers ran their business.
We came in and completely transformed the location, building something unique and different in midtown. There are no longer any rift-raft hanging out on our corner, and the drug dealers have gone elsewhere. Our tattoo parlor is know as one of the finest shops not only in Sacramento but in the greater area. The great thing about cleaning up the neighborhood is that it creates community. All of the businesses around our tattoo parlor love that were here because not only is the corner and block clean, but our business spills over to theres.
So we at the Royal Peacock would like to thank you for throwing us in with all the hacks and fly by night tattoo shops popping up in midtown Sacramento. We dont take it as an insult, just a lack of knowledge on your part.
We welcome you to come in and check out our parlor anytime. The Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor is open from noon to midnight everyday, and walk-ins or appointments are welcome. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at (916)448-1979.

Britton McFetridge
Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor

Any of our readers who might know more than this here blogging amateur, please do comment as to your experience or opinion. Has The Royal Peacock improved the neighborhood? Anyone have any body art they want to share? Where do you go to get inked?

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  1. cd (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 10:20 am

    You know, I was with him up until he just couldn’t resist adding: “So we at the Royal Peacock would like to thank you for throwing us in with all the hacks and fly by night tattoo shops popping up in midtown Sacramento. We dont take it as an insult, just a lack of knowledge on your part.”


    If you’d stuck with your more compelling argument about local business helping an otherwise iffy corner, I may have stuck with you. I don’t have any art myself, but I’m not against it as a business, nor am I against new parlors in midtown (though at a certain point, regardless of how many TLC shows portray edgy inkers, tattoo parlors still aren’t mainstream).

    What I am against is someone who shoots himself in the rhetorical foot by being a jerk when there wasn’t even anything damning or insulting in the initial post. Seems someone just doesn’t want to admit he’s going to be an identifiable part of a larger tattooing community, like it or not.

    But at least the kids have a reputable place to get tramp stamps and freshly studded tongues, right?

    Seriously, I don’t have a problem with the Royal Peacock – but don’t call my writers stupid or attack them for their self-professed ignorance.

  2. wburg (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 2:30 pm

    I can’t speak as to the skill of tattoo artists one way or the other–I don’t have any tattoos or piercings. But I do live two blocks away from Royal Peacock, and yes, they have made a positive improvement on the corner. The corner is well-lit and kept clean, the inside is immaculate, and they have discouraged the panhandlers who pretty much lived on that corner (when I moved back to this neighborhood, I recognized some of the same street people who were there when I lived on 21st in 1996!) so the part about their presence improving the neighborhood is true. I liked their presence so much that I gave them a print of a photo I found of the corner of 21st and P from the forties, when a restaurant occupied the site and streetcars ran down both 21st and P Streets.

    Now if only we can convince the coffee shop in the same building to stay open later than 5:00 PM!

  3. SS (unregistered) on April 5th, 2007 @ 3:04 pm

    I am “white collar”, business-orientated, and have a few tattoos. One of my favorite “tats” has been done by one of the best Sacramento-area artists(who has done several for well-known SAC KINGS). He now works at the Royal Peacock. He would not work for a shop that has a low standard. The shop is clean and well maintained.A good addition to that area

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