It happened one summer, and every one thereafter

When I lived in Minneapolis, we had a saying. “There’s only two seasons in the Twin Cities–winter and road construction.” Here in Sacramento, summer is becoming synonymous with construction, not just on the roads, but commercially as well.

Virtually overnight there are multi-layered buildings appearing. Mini shopping plazas where once there were only a few dusty weeds. Bustling restaurants where chain link fences twisted and writhed.

The corner of P Street and 30th Street is a fine example. Within a few weeks, the dirt lot has sprouted a multi-story iron cage that will be the home of…a parking lot? A medical office building? Rumors abound as to what it will become. (If you know, please post a comment!) I note the flapping U.S. flag at the top of the iron behemoth. Last week they had a Christmas tree up there. A little early perhaps, but maybe someone was inspired by a Christmas in July sale?

You’ve already read about Fin’s Fish Market and Daphne’s Greek Café opening in Midtown. There’s some sort of commercial space going up at Florin and South Land Park. The corner of Freeport and Sutterville (finally!) is coming to life with a new plaza, as well.

Meanwhile, the corner lot at 29th and P sits silently, waiting for some attention. Any will do. There’s a beat up old car that has rusted in the lot for months. The weeds are taller than a grown woman (me) and the fence tilts madly. What’s the hold up? Everywhere where else the buildings are sprouting like acne on a teenager. But the future site of the Suzie burger restaurant lies fallow. I’m still waiting for that revolutionary Suzie burger. Okay, maybe next year.

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  1. wburg (unregistered) on July 24th, 2007 @ 10:44 am

    It’s a Mercy medical office building–they are relocating from the offices on Folsom and Alhambra. There will be a parking garage for the building on Alhambra and R, where there is currently a parking lot, which will have some sort of coffee shop at the corner.

    They will also improve the space under the freeway between 29th and 30th and R and S, turning it into a parking lot with a drop-off point for buses (so transit riders will no longer have to dash across 30th to catch their bus.) The developer of this project is Separovich/Domich, traditionally a big local supporter of local transit.

    Suzie Burger was approved by the city’s Design Director back in May, but I’m not sure if it has to go before Planning or not. They had some things to iron out, like the back fence (technically they’re supposed to replace it with cinderblock, plus some other details) but I haven’t heard much yet. Physically, they will keep the old building intact, but add glass roll-up doors to the garage doors and add outdoor seating.

    I’m looking forward to it, as Suzie Burger is actually a reviving of an old local burger joint that went out of business around 30 years ago. They even found one of the original Suzie Burger cooks to ensure the authenticity of the burger recipe.

    It will be operated by the same folks who run 33rd Street Bistro, who make a pretty good hamburger in their own right.

    –Too Much Information Guy

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