Looking for lub or just a friendly greasy spoon?

Check out the website for the 49er truck stop here in Sacramento, where the I-80 crosses the I-5. I was “blessed” with an opportunity to meet a friend there recently (longer, more convoluted story). And no, I was not purchasing drugs or a companion for the evening, but I suppose you could do that anywhere, even at Mikuni’s or Rick’s Dessert Diner–if you look hard enough for purveyors of such things.

As with all things truck stop like, I was concerned about the appointed meeting place so I looked it up on the web and was reassured. Seemed like a nice place–online. But it wasn’t AS nice and pretty as it is on the website. Overall, though, it wasn’t as bad as a truck stop might be. (I worked at one once when I was in my teens, back in the Dark Ages. Scary.) The staff was friendly and it reminded me of the Midwest–yes, right here within a few miles of the center of the city.

The Silver Skillet restaurant, located within the truck stop “plaza”, is described on the web as: “High quality food in a friendly environment at reasonable prices [.]”

Here’s my rewrite: “High quality Questionable, greasy food in a friendly (but mostly male and horny) environment at reasonable ok but not great prices [.]” Or more to the point–don’t order the home fries, they’re gross. And try not to make eye contact with a guy who looks like Santa on crack and you might enjoy your evening. At the gift store, you can even buy a fake rose encased in crystal for your date (if you didn’t have one when you walked in, you might have one when you walk out…).

If you ever feel like you don’t get enough attention (or you get tired of Sushi or the local fashionistas), drop in for a bite at the Silver Skillet. It may give you heart burn, but it might get you burnin’ in other places, too.

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  1. sacpadre (unregistered) on October 10th, 2007 @ 9:11 pm

    I love the Silver Skillet. It is right by me and is a welcome alternative to the late night “hipster” midtown crowd sometimes. I love ordering the “Justice”. Ursula, you have to roll in there with me sometime with the western wear. It makes for an authentic experience.

  2. Ursula (unregistered) on October 11th, 2007 @ 7:56 am

    You’re right–it is a welcome alternative to the “I’m too hip” crowd. Padre, just let me go dig out my cowgirl boots. I think I got spurs some place too. …I’m there. ;-)

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