Poor man’s nature trip

If you’re on a budget and have kids, you might want to take trip over to Land Park. It’s a little bit of country in the middle of the city. There’s an interesting little lake/pond on Land Park Drive with funny ducks and fountains and (gasp) you can fish there, too. I am not sure what the folks we saw fishing there caught on Sunday (other than a cold) but hey, the number 6 bus drops passengers in the area, and parking in the park is free, if you’re driving.

On another recent weekend, I took my rambunctious kids to Funderland, which is a cheap thrill for kids of their age (under 12). It’s relatively quiet and clean, and there’s no entry fee. Once you go in though, be prepared to be whined at by small children (your own) until you purchase a pack of tickets. Each ride is only one ticket per person–no math.

When we pulled out of the Funderland parking area, though, there was a little boy in the middle of the park, peeing on a tree. Two adults stood near by, having an engaging conversation. I guess the toilets were too far away for said urinating kid to walk to with preoccupied adults…as always, Sacramento, I am impressed by our collective couth. (Notice dictionary link so one can find out what “couth” means.)

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