I am not a restaurant critic, really.

MSN has a list on its website of the 10 hottest restaurants in Sacramento. I have only been to three out of the ten. A mini rundown of where I’ve been:

Dragonfly: good. Unusual interior design, but good for large groups.

Bistro 33: haven’t been there in about 7 years– if it’s the one I think it is.

Pronto: good, but greasy. Don’t go there if you’re dieting (unless you want to break your diet).

There you have it. My one and a half cents on the local hip restaurants. Hey, if it costs more than 10 bucks for a lunch plate, it’s unlikely I’ll be going there…the budget crunch is not just in the capitol building.

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  1. Jay Charles (unregistered) on January 11th, 2008 @ 8:30 pm

    Of those on the list, I’ve only visited two. Does that mean I need to get out more, that I’m culturally hopeless when it comes to the Sacramento food scene or that the list is somehow tragically flawed?

    Since those questions are perforce rhetorical, I’ll just say that I visit local restaurants three or four nights a week and that I majored in anthropology (yes, I realize that “culture” to a researcher and to the average person are two mostly exclusive things…but I made the reference to “culturally hopeless” and I refuse to go back and change it, because I would rather go to outrageous lengths to justify my use of it than to admit to myself that it was, just perhaps, a bit too unwiledy a turn of phrase) – or to be more succinct, the list itself seems to lack substance.

    By which, of course, I mean: where is The Kitchen on that list? Oh, wait, it isn’t in Midtown…hmmm.

    The two I’ve visited? Pronto (the bacon-wrapped meatloaf was just too salty) and Zocalo (which I thoroughly enjoyed).

    Oh, and Ursula, it’s not trendy or hip, but I love Tower Cafe…amazing Jamaican Jerk Sauce…which should meet your criteria for remining solvent in the face of lunchtime prices!

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