Jury Dooty

Hurry up and wait. I thought I had gotten past that when I left the military and reentered civilian life. My day today at the courthouse, however, was a reminder that most big bureaucracies are the same. You show up; they make you wait. Here’s a briefing of my day downtown…

1) Arrived half an hour early for jury duty parking–wow! The lot was not completely full. Hurrah! I hope this is a good omen.
2) Stood in line already snaking out into the hallway. Marveled at a woman ahead of me in line who must have been 6 feet 5 inches in the one-inch heels she was wearing. She had lovely long hair. I didn’t get a good look at her face but I was speculating that she was a man behind her back. I’ve never seen a woman that tall.
3) Moved forward and stood on the red line. Marveled at another woman who was about 6’1″ and dressed like a member of La Cage aux Folles at a funeral. Strange.

4) Check in. Hear my name badly mispronounced for the first time out of the next one hundred mispronunciations to come.
5) Sit and watch the amazing slice of humanity parade by. I wonder if they let biker dudes sit on a jury or do they immediately excuse them? Do I have a beard bias?
6) Take a 2 hour lunch break and question the meaning of life and justice, not to mention why they have two Starbucks shops within four blocks of each other on K Street. One is at 4th and K, the other at 8th and K. The one on the Plaza (4th Street) was packed, so I didn’t go in. The one on 8th was fairly empty, so I unloaded two bucks for a mediocre latte there.
7) Finally get called up to a courtroom only to discover they’ve already selected a jury for the case. Ho hum. It’s already 4 PM and time to go home.

On the way home, I enjoyed the privilege of waiting in my vehicle as the Light Rail blocked the intersection on 9th Street…not once, but twice. And the first time was a 10 minute wait for the train to clear. All in all, it was a very meditative day. To my fellow jury members…see you next year–

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