More on the current mayor and what’s up, down, and next

From the Bee, a Q&A with current Mayor Heather Fargo, who’s approval rating is about as fabulous as W. That can’t bode well. It’s not a fantastically in-depth session but I’m guessing it’s just the first in what will be a lot of increased ink about various would-be mayors.

And: A Bee writer begs us not to use “Hillary v. Obama” rhetoric to describe the Fargo v. Johnson match-up. And there’s not a lot of love for Mayor Fargo generally:

Fargo proved in no time flat that she is politically tone deaf and is surrounded by people who give ineptitude new meaning.

Her strength over Johnson is her grasp of local issues and her experience in government. So what does she do right out of the gate? She hurls slimy accusations at Johnson that prove to be completely baseless.

It took Bee reporters 2.3 seconds to establish that Johnson doesn’t owe $45,000 in back taxes as Fargo had breathlessly claimed moments after Johnson announced his candidacy last Wednesday. Proof was in the documents that Fargo’s staff provided to The Bee, but apparently they didn’t read them.

There’s some questionable stuff about Johnson in there too, but since they seem to be baseless allegations, I won’t spell them out here until they get a base (if they do). No need to feed the google machine.

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  1. Matt (norcalangler) on March 10th, 2008 @ 8:52 am

    This won’t be the last flailing attempt to destroy KJ’s character. He is a businessman and we all know the world of business and real estate involves some questionable ethics at times. I’m not saying KJ has been or will be unethical, but we see this happen all the time to business people turned politician. "He spent millions on a land development project that never happened, what will he do for Sacramento?" And on, and on…

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