No Joke: Progressing back to Jesus

KSAC, formerly Talk City, formerly a progressive radio station, formerly a station on which I used to listen to Christine Craft…has gone back to Jesus. No, this is no April Fool’s joke. Christine Craft actually stepped off of that station months ago, and now it has transmuted into a mouthpiece for the Gospel.

I appreciate religion, but where to go now for a dose of progression? I can go to church to hear about God, or I can turn on the radio. Somehow this seems like a liberal’s (and I’m not a liberal–believe it or not) or anyone who is for freedom of speech, freedom of religion’s worst nightmare. Our city is one location in the Orwellian Animal Farm, where the freedoms are restricted one bit at a time. Soon you’ll have to wear your crucifix like an identity badge. A data chip in the cross and your local pastor will know how often you’ve gone to church, how you’ve voted, and whether or not you practice birth control. Somehow none of that seems to fit with what I was taught about in the United States in grammar school.

What’s happened to the local, inspiring, outspoken figures like Michael Newdow and the Pearcys?

I guess I have to go to San Francisco to hear the “progressive word” because no matter how we look at it, Sacramento’s still (firmly entrenched) in the Dark Ages.

Note: Someone will call it a “free market” and say the demand just wasn’t there for a progressive radio station. I will respectfully disagree in advance.

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  1. Joann Landers (joannlanders) on April 1st, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

    Freedom of speech is not the issue here. Air America Sacramento (yes?) is gone only because no one was listening, not because of a plot to silence it.

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