River City Risks

With California’s budget shambles comes a few interesting and risky twists. The Pooled Money Investments Board voted to stop all construction projects today. You might not think much of it, but when you look at the 67 page document listing all projects affected…you mightchange your mind.
Two that caught my eye were here in Sacramento County. One was a Levee Improvement Project at Natomas Cross Canal, and the other an American River Watershed/Folsom Dam Raise Project. Both, by virtue of their titles alone, seem important. But then, I haven’t forgotten Katrina and New Orleans. It’s old news, Katrina, but still applicable here in a city surrounded by levees and encroaching on flood plains.
If you live near a levee, you might want want to inundate your legislator. What ARE they getting paid for, anyway, and why are they getting paid? To protect you and your family from an infrastructure failure? Or to play “chicken until someone blinks” ? I’ve never been starry-eyed in regards to politics, but this construction job list has really gone over the top. Kind of like water over a dam. That was never fixed. Thanks to your (not-so) friendly legislature.

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