Don’t Like The Game? Change The Rules!

Recognizing that his work in city government affords him a chance unavailable in the NBA, Mayor Kevin Johnson will soon circulate a petition for signatures asking Sacramentans to give him the power he needs to be effective in office. Something he apparently just can’t do right now.

I think this is totally lame.

For the skinny, there are links to the official language via the above link to a Bee article.  If presented with the petition, I won’t sign it.  I won’t sign it for several reasons. First, I think hybrid direct democracy on any level of government is an affront to representative democracy and our guaranteed republican system of government. I’m that kind of nerd.  Want more more proof of initiative failures?  Try Prop 8. Or the various hamstringings of the state budget caused by required spending.  Term limits? I could keep going . . .

The point is this: Johnson should spend some time figuring out if he can use the system he inherited before he changes it. If he can’t be effective then he should check out Los Angeles. Their restructuring hasn’t helped mayors achieve much either.

Changing an entire system of government to suit one’s own needs is, at best, both short-sighted and self-centered. At worst, he will saddle subsequent mayors with a top heavy, unfamiliar system hastily assembled to suit the specialized goals of a prior executive.

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