When kids are encouraged to be adults, then yes, things get difficult

A cheerleading coach in Orangevale got axed after parents approached the school with semi-nude photos of her from a Playboy website.  Why? ‘Cause:

“Whenever we have people working with students, they should set a good example.”

Ann Buell, a mother of two student athletes, said the coach offered the wrong message at a time when more and more nude photos of teenagers are finding their way to Web sites.

“How are we going to tell them it’s wrong when they say, ‘Coach is doing it?’ “

How about by telling them that Coach is an adult and student athlete is not?  Yes, teens today are entirely too free with their sexual identities and spend too much time online ignoring the very important message that The Internets Never Forget.  Before they are 18, however, guess what, parents and schools, you can do your best to teach them about what’s appropriate, and at what age such things might be appropriate.

Nothing in the story indicates that the coach was posting these photos on her MySpace page or had them hanging in her office or displayed at cheerleading practice. So past that, I think the question becomes: parents, why are your kids on the Playboy website? And why don’t they understand that what is okay at 25 isn’t okay at 16?

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