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Christiana "just call me cd because you're going to mess up the full name anyway" Dominguez is an Angeleno by training and a Sacramentan by circumstance. A political junkie, she likes to play in traffic and gamble her future political life by having opinions on issues and sharing them with people. It's like frogger-ing between interest groups. She's traveled to New Hampshire to figure out who to vote for, to Washington DC for a good party, and to all parts of Sacramento for the perfectly balanced mimosa. Her own blog, Phoblographer*, which is almost as difficult to pronounce as her first name, houses her national and state political rants, raves, confusion, and quests for truth. Contrary to popular belief - she does get out of the house and has opinions on things other than ballots, Bush, and bullshit legislation. Despite her Meixcan heritage, she doesn't speak Spanish too well, though she does speak fluent movie. Her work has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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