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Spring Forward

Daylight Savings is killer to anybody working on a graveyard shift.

I am not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep. I am also dreading more sunlight shining at my bedtime. Last Spring, I remember smelling BBQ wafting over the neighbors, kids screaming and everyone enjoying their non-Vampire lifestyles. I’m grateful for investments in blackout curtains, earplugs and cocktails.

Still, I’m happy to welcome back warmer weather, flowers blooming and other signs of Spring.

One way to celebrate the season: exploring fresh veggies and tasty products at a farm. Today – Capay Organic Farms is holding an Open House. According to Edible Sacramento – folks are hiking around the farm, making lemonade and enjoying live music. It’s also free :)

I’m also looking forward to seeing Spring bloom at the U.C. Davis Arboretum.

U.C. Davis Arboretum

Second Saturday

We were lucky we found parking in Midtown Sacramento. Several streets were blocked off to traffic and packed with people mingling by tables of art, tchotchkes and fliers for future events.

It was my first Second Saturday and it was delightful.

I enjoyed listening to a DJ mixing Lady Gaga outside of Plum Blossom as another artist spray-paints the final touches on his canvas.
Outside of Plum Blossom

Before the pulsing dance club beats, we heard tabla drumming outside of McMartin Realty on K Street. That’s where we enjoyed a belly dancing performance as others browsed the photography and jewelery booths nearby.

Belly Dancers at Second Saturday

Finally on 21st Street, we watched Art Lessing and the Flower Vato play outside of Time Tested Books.

Art Lessing and the Flower Vato


This week, I fell in love with Tiropita.

Sacramento Greek Festival

I couldn’t stop snacking on the savory Greek cheese puffs inside our newsroom. It was all part of our tasty preview of the 46th Annual Greek Festival in Sacramento. It runs today and tomorrow at the Sac Convention Center.

Bop your head to live music, check out some cool trinkets and art booths and bring an appetite because there’s plenty of yummy food – gyros, baklava and more.

Bring on the Draft!

Happy NBA Draft Day!
Who’s on tap to bring the Sacramento Kings back to their glory days?

This afternoon, Jason Thompson’s inviting basketball fans to a Draft Party at ARCO Arena. This player may be tweeting his thoughts on today’s draft as well.

Draft time!!!!!! Who should your team draft & why????

That’s a tweet from Chris Webber from the other day.. I’m also following this former Kings Player on Twitter.

Looks like this is going to be an interesting Draft Day.

Run Dog Run!

Talk about a Top Dog!

The San Francisco Chronicle reports a Sacramento Wiener dog wins one of the heats at the Wiener Nationals dog race regionals.

From the San Francisco Chronicle

[From the San Francisco Chronicle]
Check out Downtown Beans, the 2008 Champ. He’s so fast!

I saw my first Wierner dog race at last year’s Picnic Days. It’s a fun tradition at U.C. Davis and the racers are so cute!

Searching for Summer

Here’s a shot of my car, stuck in traffic before the Yolo Causeway on Friday. Then it started raining in the middle of my ride home.

Westbound I-80
OK. It was more like a drizzle. Still, it’s June. This weather doesn’t feel like Summer. I want to break out the tank tops and shorts. Instead, I’m grabbing a sweater before leaving the house.

I’m ready for hot weather.
Are you?

Biting Into Apple Goodies & More

Waking up and serving up some tech goodies for you.

First up – Apple Fanatics, rejoice. At 10 AM, the new Apple store will open its doors in Roseville.

New Apple Store in Roseville

[From the Roseville Press-Tribune]
Bring on the Apple Fans! A few years ago, I covered the opening of the first Apple Store in Europe.


Go Shopping

This is outside the Bread Factory on J Street. Poor puppy hoping for some leftovers.

Outside the Bread Factory

Now, imagine, Free Gift Cards.
And no strings attached.

Today, Inter-Cal Real Estate is giving away $20.00 gift cards to the first 300 people standing in line at these locations. It starts at 10 AM.

  • Folsom Faire – 671 E. Bidwell Street, Folsom – Grocery Outlet
  • Folsom Central – 1151 Riley St, Folsom. -Round Table Pizza
  • Sunrise Festival I – 7929 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights – BevMo
  • Sunrise Festival II – 7929 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights – BevMo
  • Greenback Square – 8065 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights – Play It Again Sports
  • LakeCrest Village – 1040 Florin Road, Sacramento – Nugget Market

According to the press release, the Sacramento company wants to help out people who are trying to get by in the middle of this recession. This is damn cool idea.

Hello April

Waking up to sunny skies and windy weather.
Feels like spring.
Palm Trees in Sacramento
On Tax Day, some liquid relief from those tax forms: Tres Agaves is opening a new location in Roseville on that day. Yum! After paying Uncle Same, a Tequila flight may help!

Later this month, I’m also looking forward to the live broadcast of “This American Life.” Capital Public Radio carries the Chicago-based show on Saturdays. Each week, the show produces some amazing stories revolving around one theme. Those stories always hit a nerve. They’re often funny, sad, insightful and deeply personal.

So…on April 23:

Ira Glass will host an actual episode of the radio program, performed onstage by some of our favorite contributors. Dan Savage, Starlee Kine, and Mike Birbiglia will tell stories. David Rakoff and Dave Hill will conduct a ‘special investigation.’ Plus a new cartoon by Chris Ware, additional visuals by Arthur Jones, and a very special appearance by Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! The performance will last around two hours. We’re going to capture the whole thing with a bunch of HD cameras, and send it live* to movie theatres all over the country.

Sacramento will have several theaters carrying the live broadcast:

  • Natomas Marketplace
  • Sacramento Downtown Plaza 7
  • Sacramento Greenback Lane 16
  • Sacramento Stadium 14

Tune in!

On the Eve of the Equinox

OK. The College Basketball Season is now dead to me.

Thanks to my vampire schedule, I got to watch my Bears play and fail in Kansas City. All in the privacy of my own home. Where no one can hear me scream at the flat-screen TV.
It’s probably better that way.
Sac County Courthouse
We’re less than 24 hours away from Spring. I looking forward to spending more time outside.

I like checking out the blooming trees on my walks around downtown Sacramento. I also started my own veggie garden at home. I guess I can’t wait for the Farmer’s Market to open back up at Chavez Park. We’ll see if I have a green thumb or if I should be kept out of the yard.

Are you Twittering yet?
Then here’s another pre-Spring activity for you: meeting up with new people from social networking sites. Tonight in Roseville, the Boxing Donkey’s hosting the next Sactweetup. I wish I could go, but it’s past my bedtime. Sounds like the first Sactweetup had about a nice turnout.

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