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Edify Yourself

Tomorrow is free museum day. You may be like me and wonder what some of the local museums have to offer, but you don’t want to pay the entry fee. Or perhaps you just have too many interests altogether, and maybe you want to museum hop. Or not. In any case, the 10th annual event will be from 10 am to 4 pm and 25 sites will be participating in the day of free-ness.

A few participating sites that might be good to check out:
Explorit in Davis
Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park
The Sacramento Discovery Museum
Sutter’s Fort (one of my personal favorites–but may be muddy if there’s rain)
Aerospace Museum (at McClellan)

Some sites that will be free that you may want to check out another time:

Sanctuary: Now 150 years old

Happy Birthday Sacramento Public Library! 150 years old and celebrating it this weekend.

I’m not especially religious, but if I was, my church would be the library. I go every week (yes, really) and every week I am inspired, soothed, and excited about something I saw at the library.

Libraries are the last great sanctuary, and librarians are its keepers. My boss, after reading another depressing political article and a response from the ALA, recently told me, “Librarians will save the country!”

I would have to agree. Congratulations to all the local librarians, active and retired. You have earned this Sacramentan’s respect.

Poor man’s nature trip

If you’re on a budget and have kids, you might want to take trip over to Land Park. It’s a little bit of country in the middle of the city. There’s an interesting little lake/pond on Land Park Drive with funny ducks and fountains and (gasp) you can fish there, too. I am not sure what the folks we saw fishing there caught on Sunday (other than a cold) but hey, the number 6 bus drops passengers in the area, and parking in the park is free, if you’re driving.

On another recent weekend, I took my rambunctious kids to Funderland, which is a cheap thrill for kids of their age (under 12). It’s relatively quiet and clean, and there’s no entry fee. Once you go in though, be prepared to be whined at by small children (your own) until you purchase a pack of tickets. Each ride is only one ticket per person–no math.

When we pulled out of the Funderland parking area, though, there was a little boy in the middle of the park, peeing on a tree. Two adults stood near by, having an engaging conversation. I guess the toilets were too far away for said urinating kid to walk to with preoccupied adults…as always, Sacramento, I am impressed by our collective couth. (Notice dictionary link so one can find out what “couth” means.)

Open House for Nerds

Cool, the California Museum for History, Women, and the Arts (because you know women and art aren’t very historical) will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE Saturday evening which includes FREE admission to the museum, and free parking. The primary purpose is to show would-be researchers a glimpse at the archives.

It’s 4-8 PM on Saturday evening, October 6th, and there’ll be refreshments. But I don’t think it’ll be much more than clear kool-aid (so as not to stain the documents) and maybe a few Costco cookies. (Have you ever noticed how cheap those cookies are?)

Oh yeah, the museum is at 10th and O streets, in the heart of downtown, a mere few steps away from our own beloved white house, the State Capitol building.

Since we’re talking walks

This weekend, October 6th, there’ll be two gatherings at the Capitol. On one side, you can participate in the Walk for Mental Health, and the other side of the building will be the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk. I’d tell you which side was which, but I can’t remember… (D’oh, sorry Memere! Memere, my grandmama, died in 2002 after a long slow decline with Alzheimer’s.) It is my obnoxious opinion that both events are worthwhile.

So, got that? It’s a two-fer…two walks, one place. Saturday, October 6th. Starts fairly early on Saturday morning, so grab a cuppa from the Naked Lounge on your way over. They have some of the best lattes in Sactown. And that’s unforgettable.

Talented? Show Them!

I was perusing the internet, as I’m wont to do (I found out “wont” is synonymous with “accustomed,” and I plan on using it liberally), and I came across the Sacramento Comedy Spot website, as I’m wont to do, and read this (I’m wont to reading too):

“Talent Show Auditions (The Kong Show)
September 24, 2007
7:00PM- 9:00PM

Sacramento Comedy Spot
1716 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 410-7090

Call for appointment or just show up. Win prizes!
The Kong Show is a new amateur talent contest inspired by the popular 1970’s television show The Gong Show. Talented and not so talented contestants are judged by Sacramento Comedy Spot comedians and special guests. Not so talented contestants are whisked away by a Gorilla, or at least a guy dressed up in Gorilla Suit. The show is produced by Jason Casey.”

Perhaps a few metroblog readers have a talent? Show it! You could win prizes, or snuggle with a guy masquerading as a gorilla. This could be your big break!

Rubber-banded nightmares?

We went to the State Fair about a week ago and oohed and ahhhed the bungee ride (looked like rubber bands flying) like most fair goers. But reading today’s Sac Bee article about the “unexpected shredding” of one of the cords and that two teenage girls were stuck in the malfunctioning ride gave me serious goose bumps.

Is a bungee thrill like that worth the risk? Ask the two girls who were in the ride when the cord shredded. Ask the parents.

It surely is a State Fair to remember–for those kids. And I won’t be letting mine ride a ride like that any time soon. No matter how much they whine and plead. I’d rather have them whining than have nothing at all.

Propositioned on Q

Good Morning. Care to donate some blood?

Okay you know it’s a slow day at the blood bank when a Blood Donation vampire blood gatherer phlebotomist asks you as you’re passing by on the street on a walk break to donate blood.

And it was for a Sacbee blood drive. Come on Bee-workers?! I find it ironic that a group often accused of being bloodsuckers (not by me) is strangely stingy in giving it up.

For the rest of us: when was the last time you donated?

I Swing.

I do. I love it. It’s a great work out.

I also like swing dancing.

Try it – swing dancing – you’ll have so much fun. The premiere place for Sacramento Lindy Hoppin’ you ask? Midtown Stomp. They’ve been organizing dances, and coaxing swing bands to perform here for years, and it’s paid off. Their Friday night dances (at the Eastern Star Ballroom, 2719 K Street) continually bring in 100+ dancers, and performers like Steve Lucky and Stompie Jones (trust me, they’re good.). Admission is reasonable; $6 on DJ’d nights and $10 on live band nights.

Oh, and your paid admission includes a free lesson. I know! Great deal!

8-9pm – Beginning East Coast Swing
8-9pm – Series Classes
9pm – midnight – Dancing!

You get a lot for a few bucks. Groups like this deserve our patronage. They offer a great product for a reasonable price, and contribute to Sacramento’s fledgling nightlife. Let me know if you’re going. Maybe I’ll see you there.


Free Improv Comedy Friday: Paul and Tiff

The Sacramento Comedy Spot is getting more interest these days, especially with all their free shows. Take advantage this Friday, July 11, with another free performance at 9:30pm. This time Paul and Tiffany, two experienced improvisers take the stage for a show aptly named Paul and Tiff.

Think Battling Bickersons! Think Laurel and Hardy! Think Marx Brothers! Think I’m crazy? You be the judge! This Friday, take advantage of free hilarious improv. It won’t last forever.

Below, you’ll find the address and contact information for the Sacramento Comedy Spot.


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