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Badly spoken or unfairly covered

So there was an investigation in 1996 into child molestation accusations against current mayoral contender Kevin Johnson.  That sucks. No candidate can like that sort of thing. But reading this Bee article about Johnson’s appearance at a press conference this morning where he fielded questions about the incident, the report, and other accusations from his past, I’m struck with his overwhelmingly ineloquent diction:

 “My goal is to make sure first and foremost that I represent this city in a way that is very positive and favorable,” Johnson said. “Unfortunately, accusations have been made that have been dropped and no charges have been ever assessed toward me. And it’s unfortunate that the timing of these things are being brought forward on a regular basis.”

Asked if he had paid a settlement to the 16-year-old who made the allegation against him, as an alternative paper in Phoenix suggested was being considered at the time, Johnson cited privacy concerns. He did not specify whose privacy.

“I think the important thing, and I’ve always said this all along, is you have to protect the rights of individuals,” Johnson said. “And privacy rights are at first and foremost of what I have to do on a regular basis in this community.” 

Okay. Huh? What? Seriously. He had to know he’d get questions about this – he’s had ample time to prepare his soundbites accordingly.  I know we’re a relatively small city – but still.  So is it that Johnson can’t elegantly speak himself out of a paper bag, or is the Bee just being a bit unfair in selecting quotations that make him look confused?


Perhaps you saw on the news last night, or read in the paper today, that West Sac Mayor Christopher Cabaldon got booted outside Temple yesterday.  And unfortunately for him, this being a small town, his Assembly-race-opponent’s campaign manager drove by and incited a whole lot of coverage. Earned media, indeed.

Hey, we all get nabbed. And eventually, we all get booted if we don’t pay our fines.  Ooh, another local official is shown to be human and sometimes forgetful like the rest of us.

But I think he should get some lemonade out of this by pushing for Sac (and his own city if they don’t do this already) to create a system for paying parking citations online, like our more savvy Bay Area neighbors.  It would save time and probably get the city its money on a more timely basis.

No Joke: Progressing back to Jesus

KSAC, formerly Talk City, formerly a progressive radio station, formerly a station on which I used to listen to Christine Craft…has gone back to Jesus. No, this is no April Fool’s joke. Christine Craft actually stepped off of that station months ago, and now it has transmuted into a mouthpiece for the Gospel.

I appreciate religion, but where to go now for a dose of progression? I can go to church to hear about God, or I can turn on the radio. Somehow this seems like a liberal’s (and I’m not a liberal–believe it or not) or anyone who is for freedom of speech, freedom of religion’s worst nightmare. Our city is one location in the Orwellian Animal Farm, where the freedoms are restricted one bit at a time. Soon you’ll have to wear your crucifix like an identity badge. A data chip in the cross and your local pastor will know how often you’ve gone to church, how you’ve voted, and whether or not you practice birth control. Somehow none of that seems to fit with what I was taught about in the United States in grammar school.

What’s happened to the local, inspiring, outspoken figures like Michael Newdow and the Pearcys?

I guess I have to go to San Francisco to hear the “progressive word” because no matter how we look at it, Sacramento’s still (firmly entrenched) in the Dark Ages.

Note: Someone will call it a “free market” and say the demand just wasn’t there for a progressive radio station. I will respectfully disagree in advance.

I am not a cover girl.

And so it begins. The mayoral race, that is. Sigh. Tonight’s “not a cover girl” statement was the latest mailout from the Fargo campaign. The message being…she may not be much to look at but the city sure is something…?

I can’t recall the last time I got a mailer on ANYTHING from Fargo’s office.

It seems that we got something from the Johnson campaign already, but I suspect it got recycled without being read. (No political motive or statement–just a high volume of recycled letters/ads/Pennysavers, etc.)

My thought on the awesome city-ness of Sacramento is that actually Arnold Schwarzenegger had a lot to do with the uptick in our city’s popularity, thus prompting investment. But what do I know? I only live here…

More on the current mayor and what’s up, down, and next

From the Bee, a Q&A with current Mayor Heather Fargo, who’s approval rating is about as fabulous as W. That can’t bode well. It’s not a fantastically in-depth session but I’m guessing it’s just the first in what will be a lot of increased ink about various would-be mayors.

And: A Bee writer begs us not to use “Hillary v. Obama” rhetoric to describe the Fargo v. Johnson match-up. And there’s not a lot of love for Mayor Fargo generally:

Fargo proved in no time flat that she is politically tone deaf and is surrounded by people who give ineptitude new meaning.

Her strength over Johnson is her grasp of local issues and her experience in government. So what does she do right out of the gate? She hurls slimy accusations at Johnson that prove to be completely baseless.

It took Bee reporters 2.3 seconds to establish that Johnson doesn’t owe $45,000 in back taxes as Fargo had breathlessly claimed moments after Johnson announced his candidacy last Wednesday. Proof was in the documents that Fargo’s staff provided to The Bee, but apparently they didn’t read them.

There’s some questionable stuff about Johnson in there too, but since they seem to be baseless allegations, I won’t spell them out here until they get a base (if they do). No need to feed the google machine.

Will Fargo’s bumpersticker read "I wish I was a little bit taller . . ."

The Bee runs an editorial today that praises Kevin Johnson’s entry into the race, but not quite Johnson himself, explaining that Sacramento needs a good Mayorial fight to get us back paying attention to our own city again.

 The Bee cites our neighbors West Sac, Citrus Heights, and Rancho Cordova as cities on the move while we just kinda sit here letting progress march right on past as we pass the time counting foreclosure signs in Natomas. Yeah, we could stand to, like, do stuff around here again. Can we redevelop something? Anything? K Street, Railyards? Something that’s not a condo or loft development would be good – ’cause those aren’t selling.

 Anyone have input on whether Kevin Johnson as the Other Candidate is going to give us a good, content-filled race centered on the issues facing this fine town, or whether it’ll just be “hey, Beat LA, go Kings” and no substance?  Having watched Arnold in town for these past few years, I’m not expecting much from celebrity candidates.

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