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Spring Awakening – Unfocused but Moving Fun

Can something be moving and fun?  Sure, why not.

Full disclosure: I was lucky enough not to pay for my ticket to see Spring Awakening at the Community Theater – though I would be happy to pay for the show.  One of the few new shows on stage these days (it didn’t come from a movie, TV show, another stage show, nor is it a revival – though it is based on a book).

If you watched last season’s 90210 (I only watched the first few episodes, swear), you might be familiar with a few bars of  a Spring Awakening tune.  Having seen the show, however, I am fairly confident you won’t find it produced by too many public high schools.  This show is not suitable for parents.  (Also, there be partial spoilers ahead.) (more…)

Local Theater Post: That girl from Glee; changes for two theaters; time left to catch a good thing

First – a bit of shameless (shameless!) self-promotion: Tonight will be the Sacramento Comedy Spot’s final show at it’s Broadway studio.  Starting next week, the laughs will continue in the MARRS building in midtown (so you should maybe check out Lounge on 20 after all).  We’re doubling capacity and quadrupling the funny. Swear.  Don’t miss the historic close out or the big open.  Get tickets before they are gone! And for the grand opening, two words: confetti cannon.

Also new to that general area of midtown: the Lambda Players now call Lavender Heights home with their new space at L and 21st above Postcards, Etc.  A rising tide of great local theater lifts all troupes!

And: you still have about a week to catch The Maintenance Man over at B Street Theater.

Lastly:  Elle Woods has left the Sacramento Community Theater and that girl from Glee has moved in! Okay, that character originally played by that girl from Glee.  Next week marks the opening of Spring Awakening the next in this season’s Broadway Sacramento series.  Having already been yelled at for having missed Awakening‘s stops in San Francisco previously, I’ll definitely be checking out the Sacramento show and passing on my thoughts to you next week.  It’s teen angst and coming-of-age with singing.  I hear there’s sex too.  So  you know I’m there. Here’s a video of one of the show’s tunes to check out.

More videos on making the show an opportunity to talk about big issues with teens available here.

NYT spends 36 hours in Sacramento – some of it spent well, some of it not so well-spent

I agree, mostly, with this run down of how to best spend 36 hours in Sacramento.  It’s a mostly up-beat and complimentary piece.  Sadly, they opt for some obvious choices in places, but overall, I suppose the NYT gets it right.

I disagree most fervently with the inclusion of Grange and the exclusion of Mulvaney’s.  Likewise, I wouldn’t hit Lounge on 20 before I’d opt for 58 degrees (can’t hear your companions in the former, and the cheese plate is better and a better value at the latter).

B Street Gets An A

I’m ashamed to say that, despite being part of the local theater community and despite living in Sac off-and-on for almost 10 years now, I’ve been remiss in actually SEEING any local theater productions.

That changed last Saturday night when I saw the B Street Theater’s production of The Maintenance Man.  Smart, fast-paced, well-acted, funny, and thoughtful, the two-act play illustrated the dangers of being a relationship fixer and the dangers of confusing maintenance with love.  The website describes the show as:

a smart  British comedy about a man who is in the midst of a divorce, while trying to win the love of a new woman in his life.  He woos these women by the art of building them things.  This comedic love triangle is complicated by Bob’s reminiscent love for his ex-wife, and his desire to move on.

Ironically, our night out was in honor of my friend’s upcoming wedding – but I was assured the play didn’t convince her to head for the hills.

I don’t believe any of the 3 actors in the play hails from England and at times their accents wavered a bit (between regions in one case) (and of course, I’ll sound like an idiot of one or all IS British), which was a minor distraction from the language of the play itself.  By the same token, the play is set in England and written by an English playwrite using decidedly English diction and phrasing.  Delivered with an American accent, the language would’ve likely felt artificial and needed to be translate to American or it would’ve proved even MORE distracting.

The play runs through November 8.

Not Too Late To Submit Your Snaps!

Recall, if you will, the Downtown Sacramento Partnership’s annual photography contest?  We talk about it every year – this year being no exception.

Well, the September 11 deadline has come and gone. But wait! Did you forget to send your entry?!  Julie Beckner of the DSP reports that the deadline has been extended to this Friday, September 18!  You haven’t missed your chance, but you’re officially down to your last, last minute.

Best of luck!

Forecast Sunny at new, improved Weatherstone

I was never a fan of Java City’s products, nor their employees’ attitudes, so when Old Soul Co. took over the 21st Street storefront, I welcomed the change.

Now, there is even more reason to celebrate as Weatherstone has improved the cafe even more.

New paint, a slightly altered layout and most apparent, the addition of a wine bar (and beer) have expanded the cafe’s offerings and made it even more inviting than before. Don’t worry, however, it still exudes an overwhelmingly neighborhood feel and given the frequently brimming inside and patio, I’d say it’s a hit.

One thing I love that you might not have noticed if you stick to their coffee and tempting baked goods, is the little, unexpected treats that come with sandwiches.  Delicious breakfast muffins arrive with an orange or apple to up your vitamin intake for the day. Today, my grilled cheese lunch (fantastic on foccacia with spinach and two kinds of cheese),  light and perfect side salad with cucumbers and goat cheese.  At a mere $5, I don’t think you’ll find a tastier option in a 4 block radius.

The End should end.

So, 107.9 The End began teasing “The End Says Goodbye” with a countdown clock last week. The obviously – and, come on, only assumption made by those seeing the countdown clock was that The End would go the way of 106.5’s alt format.

But oh no – who think their saying goodbye means they are saying goodbye? Sillies:

The End isn’t going anywhere. We wanted to clarify that the promotion “The End is saying Goodbye.” does NOT mean The End is going off the air. Rather than wait until Tuesday, we want to tell you today that we ARE saying goodbye to commercials after 9:30 AM on Tuesday.
We apologize to anyone who may have misunderstood the promotion.

Morons.  Now they just sound stupid.

But here’s the best part: all of this wondering about what the countdown clock meant with nothing to explain it left local news (TV and print) to add another sentence to their story by discussing the radio station’s role in the death of Jennifer Strange, the 31 year old mother who drank water to win a Wii for her kids.  By the way – that trial starts today.

Coincidence?  The station starts a promo to attract listeners the same day they go to trial?  Someone’s PR firm should be fired immediately.

Best advertisment for Sirius/XM ever, however.

We sure do like touring homes around here.

Do we tour more than other cities? No clue, but I noticed a yard sign in Boulevard Park today advertising the Sacramento Old City Association’s Boulevard Park  home tour on September 20.    Find more information here.  And check out the houses on the tour here.  Some interesting properties there, however, I’m still waiting for a chance to check out that giant, surely-haunted old beauty at 22nd and H.  Also – one of the units at 2020 H is on the tour. Given than a unit (same? don’t know) has been for sale for about, um, forever, seems like it’s something you can see any day of the week.

New law’s effect visible in area restaurants

Have you noticed it?  Been to any chain restaurants lately?  If you’ve been to a place with more than 20 locations, you should’ve seen some new numbers on the menu – the calorie count – thanks to a law that took effect on July 1.  Restaurants aren’t required to give you the full nutritional values (so if you watch carbs, sugars, or use the Weight Watchers system, you still won’t have all of the information you need), but the basic calorie count is a good shorthand for decision-making.

I spend more time at Sacramento-specific locations than larger chains, but one place I have noticed the new menu is California Pizza Kitchen (at their newest location on 16th and L).  The counts drive home something I wish more people realized: just because it’s a salad don’t make it healthy, gang.  A full Thai Crunch Salad will take care of your entire daily calorie recommendation at a whopping 2115 calories.  And before you split dessert because you think that makes it okay, note their Turtle Sundae weighs in at 1500+ calories.

The above article notes that some restaurants are re-evaluating recipes in light of the new law, cutting up to 800 calories off dishes.  I hope more restaurants take note of that trend: you really don’t need to load up on the butters, oils, and sugars to keep diners happy.

I wish smaller restaurants would provide the same nutritional information – but this is a good start.  Does knowing the numbers change your eating habits or just confirm your guilty feelings?

Squeeze moving. Does it matter?

Will the burgers be less tasty without the uncomfortable squish? If it’s a bigger, wider, more accessible location, won’t everyone win?  On a scale of 0 to suck, where does this fall?

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