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More than two, but who?

I complained earlier about a choice between Fargo and Johnson for mayor not really being a choice. Who else is there running for mayor? Enquiring minds started googling. Fifteen seconds later, thanks to modern technology, I found an answer.

There are eight candidates in all as of today for mayor. Only two have posted statements online. Which two? Well, Heather and Kevin.

My burning question for Richard Jones, Leonard Padilla, Muriel Strand, Shawn Eldredge, Adam Daniel, and Robert Drumgoole is: where are your statements? If you are running for mayor, can you please let us know why you think you can do the job?

I do confess, I recognize at least two of the names in the list (NOT Heather, and not Kevin). I can’t say that it’s a good thing—both have negative publicity—any PR mavens out there to help wannabe mayors in their campaigns?

Meanwhile, if you are brazen enough to waste the taxpayers’ money in filing for a mayoral run, finish the job and let us know who you are. If you are running just to exercise your rights as a citizen, let us know that too. Then I can exercise my right not to vote for you.

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