Sun Tzu, strikes, and starch.

It has been said:
“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
Sun Tzu. 500 B.C.

Strikes are a kind of war. A war fought by employees to prove a point and hopefully gain some yards vis-à-vis their working conditions/contracts with their employers.

Unlike nearly any war I can think of, I’m all for strikes. Really, I am. But when workers go on strike, I don’t think it should serve as a license to harass other people who aren’t on strike and who have a job to do – especially when those people work for a wholly different employer.

I do not work for the county — I work for the state. However, some state and county employees (and others, I presume) use a delivery dry cleaning and laundry service called “Valet Express.” They come right to your office to pick up and drop off your dirty laundry. It’s nothing shy of brilliant, and if they didn’t charge so damn much I’d suggest they all be knighted or, perhaps, elevated to sainthood.

Today, when the nice Valet Express guy came to my office to pick up my dry cleaning and collect for last week’s laundry service, he informed me that when he crossed the line over at the DA’s office to do the same thing , he was yelled at. They almost didn’t let him through.

People, he’s not interested in your cause. More importantly, his advancement through your line and into the building will do nothing to hinder your efforts. Let the man in the pretty white shirt and khaki shorts in to pick up your dirty laundry, and let him get on with his day.

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