Even God-fearing children have to play well with others.

Interesting article in the Bee today. In sum, Orangevale’s Family Christian Center has been running “Club Retro” out of the church auditorium for the last three years, hosting rock concerts and drawing “countless teens to God.”

The problem is, this church is located on Hazel Ave, and edges a residential community. The area is not zoned for “night clubs” – which is how some residents and county officials are describing the Club – and the excessive noise, littering and loitering caused by the big draw of teens is starting to tick some people off.

The unfortunate thing about this situation, though, is the way it’s being characterized by the supporters of Club Retro. They’re viewing it as an attack on their beliefs, but that’s not at all the issue. If the complaints are true – these teens are making a ton of noise in a residential area, and leaving a trail behind them. What homeowner would want to put up with that?

A nuisance is a nuisance. People have a right to the quiet use and enjoyment of their land. That’s why areas are zoned – carved out, if you will – for residential communities. Businesses that generate noise, litter, traffic, etc., are generally kept together, away from these communities, for this very reason. Just because this happens to be a business that sends a moral message and provides a safe place for teens to party (which I do think is great, by the way, in an appropriate location) doesn’t mean folks have to put up with it.

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