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This evening I was on my way in to Safeway on 19th Street and it was obvious that folks were in the hullabaloo mindset that comes with a holiday. I observed a few near accidents on S Street…and nearly T-boned a driver who was creeping out from a side street. Take it easy out there folks. Whatever it is, it can’t be more important than you and whomever you’re transporting.

The same thing goes for shoppers. And shoppers with cell phones.

Note to woman who left cart in line to go find a bottle of wine: There’s a limit to how long people will “hold your place” in the checkout line. Also, thanks to your loud cell conversation, I now know how utterly meaningless you think your life is and how you can barely get out of bed in the morning. I think it might have something to do with the six packages of cream cheese you put on the conveyor belt. Not to mention the 6 pounds of mascara you were wearing on your eyes. I suspect that makes it very difficult to open your eyes in general. No wonder you’re so depressed. I was depressed after listening to you too.

No surprise here…

Today’s Sacramento Bee article about the sour arena deal shows to what extent the Kings owners have been untruthful and hypocritical with the public…and how they’re trying to retain control over little things, like DESIGN of the place…let’s see-they don’t put in any money, but they should be able to dictate how the place looks…right!!!
So, everyone look in your crystal ball and predict what will happen after the measures go down in flames!!!

A Nightmare On N Street

From the same apartment that brought you The Fungus Among Us; The Flies, and The Swarm comes the latest in creppy urban dwelling horror. Shield your children from the horror of

The Carpet Beetle!


Yes, it seems these little guys will move right on in to your lesser-used shoes. Like, say, the fuzzy slippers that you waited a summer to break out and use again. Or anything on the bottom of your closet. Or perhaps elsewhere in the closet.

I realize this post could subject me to some unflattering comments about my housekeeping – but I assure you, I don’t live in a sty. I clean and dust and vacuum – though, really, how many people carefully remove everything from their closets on a regular basis? I’ll be calling my landlord in the morning to find out if he’s had any similar problems in the complex before. And I’m only assuming – from some google searches – that these are baby carpet beetles. They aren’t dangerous. They don’t bite or spread illness. But they might munch up my clothes or shoes. And no one, but no one, messes with my shoes.

They must go.

(p.s. That’s an actual photo up there. It’s about 12x actual size, but I took it with my own little mighty-macro-shooting Nikon. G-ross.)

Hello Sports Fans…

If you’ve been waiting to buy some sports equipment or cute exercise clothes, wait no more…in fact, go out and get them now before they’re gone…I was just doing some shopping at Downtown Plaza today and saw that Copeland Sporting Goods store is going out of business…I didn’t go in, but I’m sure there’s tons of good stuff to pick up and throw around (after they’re purchased, of course)…

I heard that all Copeland stores are going out of business, but this could also be part of the plan to re-do Downtown Plaza (don’t know the status of the project)…

MB Hat Trick: This town, That town, Their guy

Stick with me – this is a bit of a reach.

As Jamus reminded me on the Graz welcome post, our illustrious Governor and part-time Sacramentan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is from Graz. His image is also being used in one small English town to promote “Arnie’s Sarnies” – a sandwich shop on a sleepy side street (it’s not in London, but they’d be MB city number 3 in this post, since they have to rep the whole country by themselves!).

Click after the jump for more evidence of how you just can’t get too far away from this town

Officer Shot, Call 911

Typical Friday morning, atypically heavy traffic. I pull onto I-5 over by 43rd Avenue, and the Caltrans sign just about takes my breath away. “Officer Shot, White Chevy Van, Call 911”. I look around as if the van is nearby, and realize that’s why the traffic is so bad. EVERYONE is looking around. Every white vehicle larger than a VW is under suspicion.

I turn on the radio and the report is that the van driver allegedly shot the officer over by the Jackson Highway. Not really near where I am now, on I-5. The officer, when found, was unconscious without a pulse. Apparently he was revived enough for surgery but is in critical condition. (Good luck to him and to his family–)

I’ve been shocked awake, and wonder about a person who is desperate enough to shoot a police officer. That person is probably panicky, afraid, and willing to do just about anything. Stay alert out there.

Update: The Officer has died. Leaves behind a wife and 6 year old child. Read more here.

You wouldn’t have wanted to see a photo

So I didn’t take one. . . .

This evening, after taking full advantage of Il Fornio’s free happy hour food while bidding a coworker good luck on her upcoming job change, I returned to my car parked on N Street to find that hallmark of downtown living: a car covered in crap.

No really – if you’ve lived at the sprawling Governor’s Square apartment complex, or parked around 3rd or 4th and N or O Streets, you know what I’m talking about. I have no clue what the hell birds live up in those trees – are they bats? pterodactyls? – seriously – what is up in those trees? Whole cars can disappear by morning at the right time of year. Subcompacts become midsize vehicles when encrusted in a thick, white layer of poo.

Gross? You betcha. But now I get to go to Harv’s tomorrow to make sure that wunderguano doesn’t eat through my topcoat.

If there are any ornithologists out there who can comment, please let me know what makes such a mess.

Midtown Trick or Treat

This Saturday, Midtown is hosting a “Trick or Treat Excursion” from 11 AM to 3 PM. Kinda like they used to do at Downtown Plaza (are they doing this anymore?). Good thing it’s during the day, because, as the song goes, “the freaks come out at night.” In any case, I applaud the Midtown Business Association and its co-sponsors in putting this event on. Hope it goes well–our little group may be out there trolling for treats too.

Saturday 10/28/06 in Midtown Between J St. and Capitol and 19th to 27th Street (looks kinda like a rectangle on the map), 11 AM to 3 PM, participating stores will have bags.

Downtown deli debuts

You can never have enough good delis to choose from, is my opinion. Plus, with Alberton’s going under, denizens of the downtown district have to go to the Alhambra or R Street Safeway, neither of which is close to central/northern downtown. Fortunately, some of those trips might be avoided or replaced by a visit to a new deli/market in Alkali Flats.

Mike Dunne writes that Sampino’s Towne Foods recently opened near 16th and F streets.

I haven’t visited this latest edition to the downtown food world, but the fact that they’ve run a successful wholesale produce business hopefully means they’ll have staying power.

Greet Graz


A big Metroblogging Welcome goes out to the 50th City in the family!

Metroblogging Graz, meet everyone. Everyone, meet Metroblogging Graz.

Graz is the second-largest city in Austria – you can crash-course your Graz knowledge here.

Check ’em out!

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