Sactown’s getting another magazine . . . called Sactown.

Rob Turner and Elyssa Lee, a husband and wife team packing more than just decent experience in the magazine world, are taking a stab at launching a new Sacto-based glossy magazine, called Sactown.

Not sure how successfully this new mag will compete with Sacramento Magazine – which is apparently the undisputed leader in terms of advertising contracts and sales – but maybe (hopefully) Sactown will pick up where Sacramento Magazine leaves off. In other words, maybe they’ll cover stories that AREN’T about where the movers and shakers of Sacto are eating, and what they’re wearing, and who they’re with.

Thet Sac Bee article linked to in this entry makes the launch of this new mag sound promising. Apparently Turner and Lee are 30-somethings going after 30-something year old readers “you might find lounging at a midtown café after work.” They also want to “generate some type of discussion or be surprising.”

I think they found a need to fill, that’s for sure. I turn 30 next year (wow, I think my heart just dropped down into my left foot), and while I like Sacramento Magazine well enough, I do find that it lacks substance. I mean, it’s mostly advertising – which is why I like it (it’s kinda like a yellow pages for cosmetic dental surgery and tanning salons and stuff). But it usually doesn’t cover any stories that even APPROACH edgy. Or interesting. It’s all kinda fluffy. So here’s hoping that Turner and Lee can follow through with Sactown to cover the not-so-fluffy..

Because Sactown really does have a lot of interesting stories to tell; it would be nice if someone told ’em.

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  1. jason (unregistered) on October 11th, 2006 @ 3:06 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. Sacramento Magazine always seems to have $$ in mind more than true journalism. And I get so tired of reading a magazine supposedly about my city that only reflects the values of the demographics the ads are targeted toward. It all just seems like a big PR and marketing effort. I don’t even pick up a copy any more.

    Hope SacTown follows different a different path. As much as I love urban life, sometimes the “urban chique” thing can be just as off-putting…i just want to see some real people out there in the media.

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