Now you too can take part in Sacto drama.

For those who work in or around Sacto politics (state level or otherwise), you’re probably less-than excited about the new internet based soap opera coming to computer screens near you: Perhaps that’s because your job is very much like a Sacramento-based soap opera, so really, the idea of a soap opera premised on slimy Sacramento politicians (and the drunk women who love them) is as radically unique an idea as is eating cereal with a spoon.

But for those not blessed with the special joys (and ulcers) of working with Sacto politicos, “Sacramento: The Internet Soap Opera” might be a really cool show.

A snippet of what you might expect to see reveals plot lines involving a slimy Governor who has secret meetings at the homes (er, estates) of his assistants, all the while ogling over said assistant’s drunk teen daughter (excuse me, a drunk-like-her-mother-who-is-all-the-while-spying-in-the-garden-on-said-secret-meeting teen daughter).

The idea of internet-based soap opera, and entertainment shows in general, seems to be really taking off. It’s not some garage-based set up where people volunteer their time and talent either; these actors are paid.

What are everyone’s thoughts on Web media? Think it’s really the wave of the future?

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