Doc Brown would be proud.

What was once a stinky mess is now a stinky, messy way to produce enough energy for 10 households, courtesy of researchers at UC Davis who have found a way to turn food waste into useable energy.

Right now, the whole production is housed behind five 10,000 gallon sealed tanks – so I guess the idea is to hide the stink and the mess away from those who would consume the energy produced by the little buggers (bacteria who thrive in an oxygen free environment, here’s an article that explains a bit more about this particular kind of bugger) inside the tanks who are eating loads and loads of food waste.

The coolest thing about the project – again, still in its infancy – is that the bugs power more than 10 times enough energy to run the process itself. So, producing energy this way is self-sufficient. I likey.

The article notes lots of kinks to work out yet – including whether or not a solid-waste operation permit would be required to run one. But, think about where this will take us, assuming (as I think we should) that this is the dawning of a new era.

No more black outs. Just a lot more take out.


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