Thank you, Trader Joes!


. . . for providing the Sacramento-area with honey crisp apples.

Ever since I first tried one of these little guys – years ago, I guess – I’ve been obsessed. Sure, you say; an apple is an apple is an apple.

Not so, my friends. There are apples, and then there are honey crisp apples.

There are two things about this kind of apple that make them completely addicting – one is tangible, the other, economical.

1) Tangible. They’re perfect. Crunchy – it’s the first thing you notice. Juicy – that’s probably the second thing you notice. All of sudden, things get all mixed up: it’s sweet, like honey (thus, the name) but then it’s got this slightly tart aftertaste that makes you wonder “Wait, was this sweet, or was it tart?” So, you try it again. And on it goes until you’re sad to discover: you’re done.

2) Economical. They’re impossible to find! Little supply = more demand. I want these so badly, I’d plant my own tree (if we had the right weather for it).

I even went to Apple Hill last year, assuming (surely!) that someone up there would have ’em. WRONG. They didn’t even know what I was talking about. At least, they said they didn’t. These things are so good, there’s plenty of motivation there to lie to tourists to keep a plenty-big stock for the locals.

Conspiracy theories aside, needless to say I was ASTONISHED to see these little lovelies at Trader Joes on Folsom Blvd this weekend. Get ’em while they’re there, people. Crispy, oh-so-sweet, and mildly tart at the same time: the world’s perfect apple. Yum.

Don’t believe me? Here’s are just four of a billion articles I found to support my theory:


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