Sacramento Wish List for 2007

It’s a little bit late to be a Christmas list, and a few days late to be a New Years list exactly, but here’s some things I’d like to see in Sacramento in 2007:

1. A privately financed arena for the Kings (at no cost to taxpayers)
2. A wider Tower Bridge for pedestrians
3. A better waterfront
4. A Rivercats return to glory
5. A livelier K Street
6. A safe, refurbished Tower Theatre (possibly one that sells beer)
7. A less kitschy Old Sacramento
8. A championship for the Kings (now I’m really dreaming, aren’t I?)
9. Expanded light rail service (maybe out to the airport?)
10. A suitable and reasonable replacement for Tower Records on Broadway (h/t to LA Metblog)

That’s all I got for now. There are probably lots more things I’d like to see for Sacramento in 2007, but I can’t think of them. Please feel free to add more of your own or take issue with my list.

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  1. Ursula (unregistered) on January 6th, 2007 @ 10:58 pm

    I confess I think K Street is already pretty lively. They DO have that 24 hour black and whit van that comes through there. Is that what you mean?

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