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Unsolved Mysteries: 4 months later

Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Mitchell’s murderer is still at large. It has been 4 months but it seems like yesterday when the reports of an officer down were streaming in and we were hearing about this tragedy.

The murderer is still at large, and this man’s wife and child continue–what must it be like? How is it to look into a stranger’s eyes and wonder?

I find it even more tragic to read Sheriff John McGinness’ comment that the nice officers are the guys who are most likely to get killed.

“Throughout the years, it’s the officers who tend to be nice guys, easygoing, and quick with a smile, who are most likely to be killed in the line of duty,” the sheriff said. “It’s sad but true.”

Does that mean you have to be an ass to stay alive?

If that’s the case, the tragedy here is even bigger than the matter of one man’s death.

A trip to MARRS may be in order

Hip Midtown sounds like it’s going to be even hipper with the opening of the Midtown Arts, Retail, Restaurant Scene (MARRS) on 20th and J Streets.

More “places to go” for after hours chat is something Sacramento needs–I mean, who wants to be wandering around K Street at midnight? Most everything is closed, and, while it’s quiet–it’s too quiet.

I appreciate this Michael Heller’s sentiment in jazzing up Sacramento.

Heller said he decided to devote himself to livening up his hometown instead of bemoaning how boring it is. “I said, ‘Let’s not complain about Sacramento anymore. Let’s do something about it.’ “

The idea is long overdue.

Happy Pancake Day!

It’s Pancake Day, kids! No, I’m not making it up. Millions have Mardi Gras or Carnival, but the Brits – they have Pancake Day, because they know how to go crazy before the start of Lent.

May I suggest Pancake Circus for your pancake needs? I’ll be there – unless you know a better source for pancakes in this town.

Pass they syrup!

Comedy That’s Safe To Eat

This Saturday night, the Sacramento Comedy Spot’s peformance team, the 5 Second Rule will perform its “Best Of” show at the Clarion Hotel on Auburn Blvd at 8pm. From their website:

The 5 Second Rule Best of Show will feature all the best sketches from 5 Second Rule’s 2006 Season including 1-800-Diffuse a Bomb, Helen Keller Ultimate Fighter and The Journey Sketch. 5 Second Rule is the newest sketch comedy group produced by The Sacramento Comedy Spot and directed by Brian F. Crall, the creator of The Free Hooch Comedy Troupe

Get tickets on line for $10 or at the door for $12. It’s a different night out than the same old dinner, drinks, or movie plans you have the rest of the time. Check out some other troupe sketches online here. All the cool kids are doing it.

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Now all you have to do is clickety click and you’ll get the latest and greatest from our San Jose neighbor bloggers. They’re city number 53 on the Metroblogging totem pole!


Check out this photo of a driver “who lost his head” posted by Joann, who drives a taxi. Oh yeah, and Joann’s met Arnold, too. San Jose must be a cool place to be. Check out Mark and Gary while you’re there too.

We’ve got lots of friends in San Jose…

Revolutionary burger?

Since I work near 29th and P Streets in the midtown area, I was pleased to see that the eyesore that used to be Tune-up Masters has been bought and will be opening this summer as the new “Suzie Burger” restaurant. But it does concern me, as I was clicking around trying to get a menu, that Suzie Burger is just another link in the chain fashioned by a small group of restaurateurs. Let’s all cross our fingers and maybe it will be something more than an appendage to the Bistro-madness.

Another Day Another Happy Hour

Until I experience the greatness that I hear is the McCormick and Scmick’s Happy Hour, my money for the best happy hours in town to be Il Fornaio (nice place, they validate parking, and FREE FOOD) and Spataro ($4 Lemon Drops…done and done). I guess I’m a sucker for a piece of toasted bread with some type of tomato mixture on it, but what can I say?

Cheaper than McDonald’s and Better than Red Lobster!

McCormick and Schmick’s is officially opening in Sacramento this weekend (11th and J)…go to their website for more info and a peek at their menu…a chain located in major ciites, they are famous for their fresh fish and their amazing $1.95 Happy Hour menu. There’s a preview party on Thursday night and then they’re open for business…check it out…and comment if you’ve been to the same restaurant in another city!

So fat jokes are still politically correct?

“At 5-foot-11 and 400 pounds, Curtis Lynn Martinez, 34, brings added meaning to the term parolee at large. And while he may not be much in a foot race, behind the wheel of a car he proved to be pretty quick, investigators said Friday.”

At first the lead to this story caught my eye. I see how some might find it amusing. Then I read further. How would this be news other than that the parolee was overweight? How does the reporter know that the guy can’t run? Does David Richie of the Sacramento Bee have some knowledge that he just doesn’t share in his article? It’s also of interest to note that the headline starts with “400 pound parolee-at-large…” Obviously the whole point of the article was to show us that not only do we have criminals on the loose, but they’re fat like us. And that means we can crack a joke at their expense.

I guess the only thing the article is good for is that it gave me something else to read instead of another blow by blow account of Anna Nicole Smith’s death. Note to reader: I’m wearing black today. Are you?

Digging up the past

It’s no secret; I love Sutter’s Fort…but even more so now, as they’ve just found a skeleton outside the fort at about 28th and L Streets. This morning’s radio report was that the skeleton is of a man and he was 5’3″ tall. He’s got an estimated burial range of 1839-1849. Wow! If you live in the midtown area, perhaps you’ll need to be extra careful if you’re doing any gardening…but I digress! I’m thrilled to see a little more history reveal itself, and it was right under our noses all this time.

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