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The dulcet sound of immigration

My walk through verdantly lovely and blooming Midtown today was punctuated with construction, paint, and the sound of worker bees chatting.

Commercial prospects appear to be good–if you ignore the “For Lease” signs on a lot of small shops. Meanwhile, new buildings, condos, and other enterprises are sprouting. We’ve seen cycles of this over the years–certainly the face of Sacramento today has changed quite a bit from the 80s and 90s.

The difference today was the language I heard between the worker bees. If it wasn’t English, it was Russian. I recall in previous years that the worker bees buzzed quite a bit in Spanish, some Vietnamese, and some of the smaller Asian language groups. Not so much Russian.

Mom, guess what? The Russians aren’t coming. They’re already here.

Cold case: 7 months later

Sacramento’s most frustrating (in my mind) unsolved mystery is 7 months old today. Deputy Sheriff Jeffrey Mitchell has been gone for seven months, and his murderer is still at large. Someone is walking around with critical knowledge.

I haven’t forgotten the incident. I’m hoping this gets solved and that some nightmares stop. But I am pretty certain the child who lost his father will never be the same. I can only hope that there’s some peace for the family in solving this crime. I can only hope that somehow, in some miraculous, honest way, this case will be closed as “solved.”

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department: I am counting on you to do your job, and to do it well.


While I am more obsessed with waffles than with jazz, there’s an opportunity to do both this weekend…grab a great European dessert waffle at Sacramento’s Annual Memorial Day weekend Jazz Jubilee . For over thirty years, Sactowners have taken the three-day weekend to enjoy some good tunes all over the city…if you’re going, leave a comment and let us know! Need a REASON to go? The red waffle cart will be out there serving up some good food to go with the good music.



Look no further for a taste of HEAVEN…it’s not hard to find…there aren’t too many RED VW VANS roaming around the city…it’s called Red Rooster Waffles and they’re SO darn good…not a traditional American waffle, these are a dense dough-based waffle that make a perfect end to an evening in the city. Try ’em plain or with the works-powdered sugar, cinnamon, chocolate chips, and caramel…this is the best 3 bucks you’ll spend in a long time…check out their website RED ROOSTER WAFFLES.
Thanks to CD for the great photo!

A week later, staring at the stars

D’oh! Margaret sent a message to Metroblogging Sacramento about Astronomy Day at Sac City College last weekend, and we missed it. Just like that. And it sounded like a treat.

If you’re a stargazer or would like to be one, check out the Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society. They meet monthly at CSUS and it looks like there’s some serious stargazing to be had, right here in Sacramento. Last year they had a Star-B-Q in July.

So tell us, SVAS, is there another Star-B-Q in our future? And we’re not talking about a Paris Hilton roast. We want to see some real stars.

As the whale peels

Like sands in the hourglass, these are the whales in our lives…no wait, different show. But there’s a definite resemblance in the (melo) drama.

Delta and Dawn are experiencing skin peel like a sunbather from Iowa, thanks to their stay in fresh water. And I confess, I’m rooting for Mommy and Baby to get home, please. I’ve read a number of articles about the topic. These poor creatures have been serenaded by feeding whale tunes and killer whales feeding on humpback whale tunes–now that’s like playing the screams from Friday the 13th over and over to get me to leave the TV Room. Or maybe it’s like playing Rush Limbaugh at ultra-high decibels at the Democratic National Convention…most folks would be pressed to leave the hall.

But this news today from the Bee was anti-climactic:

“Sacramento’s wayward whales have spent Thursday swimming in a three-mile area between Cache Creek and Marker 43 in the Deep Water Shipping Channel, their rescue team reported at an afternoon press briefing.”

Yawn. Go whales. I hope they get home so we can celebrate. Soon.

Meanwhile, I know more about what the whales did today than what my governor did. Somebody should write a letter! Or maybe not. I’m already sleepy.

Turbot turpentine, anyone?

Fins fish market is due to open sometime this summer, next door to the auto body paint outlet which is already open, and the previously mentioned whine wine bar with high (self) expectations, Bacchus.

I still don’t quite fathom how a restaurant/market selling something as delicate as fish will be able to operate efficiently next to a paint shop? (Or wine either.)

Reminds me of the dark ages when I worked for Godiva Chocolatier and one of the managers had a smoke break in the chocolate storeroom. We had to write off a lot of chocolate THAT day. The point here is: you just don’t smoke around fine chocolate, unless you LIKE the taste of ashes. Fish, being (in my mind anyway) of similar delicacy, prepared next door to vats of fume-inducing paint …well, you connect the dots.

On the other hand, perhaps it will be the auto paint sellers who will suffer from the scent of tons of trucked-in fish? Certainly the smell of day old sole is something worth swooning over?

Bacchus must have been drunk

This morning on a walk off my normal route, a notice to serve liquor on a dilapidated-looking building just next to the train tracks caught my eye. Someone had pinned the notice very high, just above a previously vandalized one.

The notice was for a business called the Bacchus Wine Bar. This future establishment will be graced by train tracks on one side and a hole-in-the-wall automobile paint shop on the other. (No, I’m NOT kidding!)

Not easily perturbed by the obvious potential for problems, I googled the place and nearly choked on my non-alcoholic tea while reading the following:

“Bacchus Wine Bar (BWB) will be located in the upcoming, upscale and recently renovated downtown Sacramento area. BWB is Sacramento’s newest concept to an already vibrant and bourgeoning night life and entertainment scene. “

Whoa, looks like Bacchus has already been dipping into his stores of wine. This is okay because, after all, he’s a God who made his reputation on wild drunkenness.

Other ‘net searches find that mumbles about the sleek renovation of the future home of Bacchus have rumbled since early 2006. There’s no visible renovation, but I CAN tell you that there was a guy out by the tracks last week who was drinking wine. I believe it’s the kind of wine normally sold in boxes.

Bacchus is not only here in town, but he’s never left. Not really.

Whale watching

No, it’s not that kind of whale watching. I haven’t been to the Arden Fair food court lately, have you?

But really, let’s go back to the local news of the hour. I just got a breaking news alert from the Bee on the two ‘stray’ humpback whales in the harbor. It’s quite sad, really. The bigger whale is wounded, and the second whale appears to be the calf of the larger whale (mother and baby). Reading about this on the week after Mother’s Day is highly ironic.

Save the whale(s)! [Did anyone ever see that Star Trek movie where the whales were the key to the future of our existence? I LOVED seeing Spock in San Francisco–I think he would blend in perfectly.]

Dear Sacramento Business

Here’s the deal. I love you guys. No really. I think you’re great. I like that I can walk to you. I like that you are local. I like that, aside from the restaurant-mafia groups that own a large percentage of you, you’re still basically not chains and you’re special.

But lately . . . well, lately, I’ve had some concerns. It started awhile back when I noticed some of your signs leaving a lot to be desired in the grammar department. I’m starting to think it’s an unfortunate trend.

Is it a huge deal? No, of course not. Then again, you DO want me to spend money on you, right? You want me to show you off to out of town guests? Point out your assets? Talk you up?

The latest commercial failure can be found here. It’s the main attraction under your “mediakit” heading. And well, c’mon, “mediakit” – self-identified spokes-documents that get it wrong? On the first page of your private event information pdf alone, I found 4 errors. (Question: “Central Valley” – to capitalize or not to capitalize, that is the question. You do it once, but skip it elsewhere. I say capitalize it. Always. At least the way you are using it.)

Did you proofread? Even a little. I mean, really, you even use the word “incredible” inappropriately. Combine that with other sloppy errors and it makes me think you are . . .


I know, I know, I’m hard on you, Sacramento business. But only because I want to be proud of you. I know you can do better.

These mistakes make you look like those girls we currently see about town, so exited to get into summer with strapy and open-toed shoes, yet unable to embrace the unfortunate reality that toes hanging off the edge, flapping in the pre-summer breeze are horrific: it looks like you almost care, but just can’t pull it off.

I hope you can shape up a bit before summer really gets started. Because I want to spend evenings out with you, I really do. You’re just making it hard for me to want to pay too much to do so.

With love,

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