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I guess I’m not feeling it?

I have had the (mis)fortune to be at Inderkum Highschool several times in the last few weeks, thanks to American River College offering evening college classes at the school.

The main galley (aka “atrium”) of the building looks like it came right off of an episode of “Inside California Prisons.” Three floors with railing look over a central dining or gathering area with tables. Apparently the tables were not in the award-winning architectural design plans.

I haven’t been there when the HS students are there–but I can’t imagine that it is very quiet. I’ve only been there at night as well–so I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the atrium’s “natural lighting.”

I wonder how they’ll stop a suicidal kid from going over the railing. I couldn’t find that on any of the design excellence websites.

Maybe I am just an architectural Neanderthal because I was disturbed by my first impression of Inderkum. Maybe I just have a bad attitude, because I just am not feeling the love.

Another $2 Burger…Kinda

Everyone was so excited when McCormick and Schmick’s opened… especially jazzed about the offer of a $2 hamburger and fries during Happy Hour. Who wouldn’t like that deal? Well, now there competition from another upscale Sacramento eatery that offers a $2 burger during Happy Hour…kinda.

I was at Mason’s last week for happy hour and they have tons of reasonably priced (and only reasonably tasty) appetizers…spinach and crab dip, crab cream cheese wontons, potstickes, lettuce cups…all for $3. There are also plenty of wines and cocktails for $5 or less.

Then there’s a BIG KOBE BEEF burger for $8…you get a huge burger, fries, and all the fixings for $8. Here’s the curious thing on the menu…the side of fries alone is $6-a little pricey even if there is some gloppy mayo thing on the side. So, TECHNICALLY, the burger costs $2-you got it?

It doesn’t make much sense to me and I thought it was funny and just weird enough to share with you all (I told you I’d be blogging about bad Midtown restaurants…and PS, the waitress was rude).


Hey Everyone,
Sorry I’ve been on an extended hiatus from Metroblogging…I’m back and better than ever…think of it like the new Fall TV season-only with less cheesy spinoffs and irrepressible, precocious kids! I’ll be back and filling you all in on the adventures of my crazy life…namely posts about rude waitresses and overpriced food in The Grid.

Stay Tuned for more!!!

Taggers should be tagged

I’d say something stronger, but I really don’t like wishing bodily harm on others – if I did, though, I would wish mild forms of injury on the bands of creeping thugs who have been marking the shit out of my neighborhood lately.

There’s been a marked rise in the last few months – high-profile taggings (like the downtown building that sustained $50k worth of damange) and neighborhood-level offenses.

This past week was possibly the worst yet, though. All up and down 21st and 22nd – 19th and the others – from H to at least N.


And this gem – parked across the street from my house. Who DOES that? By the way, what you can’t tell from the photo, is that the tags spread around the back and the other side of the van. Basically every panel on that vehicle was defaced. While I was snapping this photo, a Jeep drive by with its back window and gate tagged too.

I’d donate some money toward the installation of better lighting in my neighborhood. Not that it would necessarily help. But perhaps better lighting and some cameras? Maybe if people with webcams streamed particular trouble spots in midtown we could nail more of the bastards who feel this is the only way to be known.

Then we can funnel them into more positive programs. Or just spray paint them until they quit.

Pro or Con: New Parking Meters?

Since we’re talking about cars and streets and stuff: what’s up with the new pay-and-display systems in town? You’ve seen them, right? Sad little stumpy poles at each parking spot – naked as their meters have been ripped off and replaced with pay stations – a few per block?

The systems seem more common in other cities – non-American – like in English towns or in Montreal. The upside: machines take ATM cards and more than just quarters! The downside(s): you have to walk down to the machine and back to your car; you don’t get to run out and just “feed the meter;” you can’t be a good neighbor and feed someone else’s meter; and you won’t pull into a spot with time left on the meter. ‘Cause there’s no meter.

Personally, I like the old-skool meters with the twist mechanism and the little indicator arm that would tick up for each nickel, dime, or quarter. There are still some of those left – though not for long, I’m guessing.

Of bikes and cars and lanes in midtown

What d’y’all think about the new reduced lanes/increased bike lane layout on some of midtown’s busiest streets? 19th and 21st just aren’t the same anymore. On 19th – the squish that started occuring after Q street, now starts well before. Same with 21st, which reduces at W and stays reduced all the way up to I street.

I have a tolerate/hate relationship with cyclists. Not you, responsible cyclist or friend reading this post right now, of course, you’re great. But I have huge problems with the ones who dash on and off sidewalks, refuse to so much as pause at stop signs cars must obey, and shake their fists angrily at me when I couldn’t predict their sudden arrival in my blind spot. The recent lane changes and this article on the detestable Critical Mass in San Francisco have given me cycles on the brain.

While I do think it’s better for everyone if there are more dedicated bike lanes in Sac – they’ll save cyclists from cars and pedestrians from cyclists – I wonder about the wisdom of adding them to the busiest streets in town. Why not add some more controlled stops to the less car-heavy streets and give cyclists even more protection from rush hour drivers? And on the flip side – don’t cram car traffic into fewer lanes.

Little late to complain now as everything has been resurfaced (good) and re-laned (outcome unclear). Still, it isn’t my favorite set up – and if I were to buy a bike and ride it, I wouldn’t do so on 19th or 21st.

City Theater Festival Submissions

I found out, “City Theater at Sacramento City College is looking for scripts to produce in its second Local Playwrights Festival: In a Park in Sacramento.” You can find more info on the City Theater website. It looks like a great opportunity for fledgling playwrights to watch there work come alive.

Scripts are to be twenty-five to thirty minutes in length and are due by Monday October 1st. So, if you’re interested, getting writing and get submitting.

A Place Called Sacramento is an Awful Place

Anyone up for a passionate boycott? Perhaps, a letter writing campaign? Take pen to paper! Attack with prose! Even a short letter will be effective. For instance:

“Dear Access Sacramento-
Your film festival, A Place Called Sacramento, is an embarrassment.

Your’s truly-

It needed to be said! Access Sacramento’s A Place Called Sacramento, is childish. I would know, because I paid $15 last year assuming films about Sacramento had to be good.

Then I began watching.

Had to be good, became might be good, became please be good, became is anything good?, became nothing is good! If you want to pay money to catapult from excitement to despondency in 2 hours, this festival is for you!

Am I heartless? Should I reserve judgment? Should I applaud effort? Ok. Fine. Let’s ignore, for the moment, the abysmal films offered, and consider the presentation itself. Access Sacramento clearly views the audience as dolts. How else can you explain Quentin Sacramento, fish mascot for A Place Called Sacramento. Get it? He’s like Quentin Tarantino, but a fish! From Sacramento!

It’s lame, yah, but I wouldn’t deride such a silly choice if they didn’t parade a costumed, life-sized Quentin around the foyer, introduce him on stage, and then, the topper, proceed to interview him! But, sadly, Quentin’s a fish, and can’t speak English (but, interestingly, can walk), so questions were communicated through Quentin’s translator!


We should demand more from our entertainment. Sacramento has great talent, that deserves our dollars. Boycott the immature A Place Called Sacramento, and spend money where you’re respected as an audience.

A Tale Of Two Jewelers, or, How We Found Our Real Friends In the Diamond Business

My fiancé and I have spent far too much time over the past few months searching for a wedding ring. He found his awhile ago, but finding something to match my engagement ring and tastes, well, that’s been a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. We’ve searched high and low. In San Francisco and Santa Cruz and all around Sacramento. Yesterday, we finally made the drive to Roseville to check out Shane Company – you know – the store with the super-friendly sounding pitchman always soothing your most fevered diamond shopping fears on your radio?

Wanting desperately to see the happy commercials realized, we parked and entered their glass-block-decorated building on N. Sunrise. Inside, it’s a gray and maroon 80s wonderland. It looks like a TV set jewelry store – too matte and gray and simple. We noted silver bowls of Shane Co. stamped cookies. We soon learned these cookies are the sole Shane Co. highlight.

Talented? Show Them!

I was perusing the internet, as I’m wont to do (I found out “wont” is synonymous with “accustomed,” and I plan on using it liberally), and I came across the Sacramento Comedy Spot website, as I’m wont to do, and read this (I’m wont to reading too):

“Talent Show Auditions (The Kong Show)
September 24, 2007
7:00PM- 9:00PM

Sacramento Comedy Spot
1716 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818
(916) 410-7090

Call for appointment or just show up. Win prizes!
The Kong Show is a new amateur talent contest inspired by the popular 1970’s television show The Gong Show. Talented and not so talented contestants are judged by Sacramento Comedy Spot comedians and special guests. Not so talented contestants are whisked away by a Gorilla, or at least a guy dressed up in Gorilla Suit. The show is produced by Jason Casey.”

Perhaps a few metroblog readers have a talent? Show it! You could win prizes, or snuggle with a guy masquerading as a gorilla. This could be your big break!

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