Look out! Everything old is new again.

So, a long while back, grid traffic was streamlined. The city implemented one-way streets to ease traffic into and out of town.  It was safer, faster, more efficient.

But, times change.

We received a post card in the mail the other day telling us that following the City Council’s 2007 approval of “the Central City Two Way Converstion Project” traffic on N Street between 28th and 21st will soon be converted from one-way (eastbound) to two-ways (east and west).  There will still be bike lanes and parking in each direction.

Poor 21st Street – it already sucks in the morning and now more will be forced on at N Street. And I’m guessing the currently sleepy 22nd and 23rd Streets will awaken with drivers avoiding N and 21st. 

The postcard says the plan’s purpose is to increase neighborhood liveability, reduce traffic speed and volume, and improve local access.  Though N can be quite a fast street at peak travel times, it’s relatively quiet outside of morning and afternoon commute hours. I guess I’m a bit ambivalent on this. But I would be ragingly against it if it led to “traffic calming” being inserted onto my area of the grid like what’s in Boulevard Park.

Other upcoming conversions seem to include: two-way traffic on 9th and 10th Street (really? the whole length?) and converting 3d Street between I and J Streets.

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