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You’ll protect yourself from the rising tide and you’ll like it!

As residents in the Natomas area no doubt know by now, flood insurance is now required as the re-mapping is complete and – surprise – it’s a floodplane. Still.  If you want to learn more about the mandatory program and efforts to improve Natomas levees, you can attend a series of meetings over the next few weeks to learn more.

  • Thursday, October 30 (tonight!) from 6:00-8:30pm at Two Rivers Elementary (3201 W. River Drive)
  • Wednesday, November 5 from 6:00-8:30pm at Regency Park Elementary (5901 Bridgecross Drive)
  • Wednesday, November 12 from 6:00-8:30pm at S. Natomas Community Center (2921 Truxel Road)
  • Thursday, November 20 from 6:00-8:30pm at Inderkum High School (2500 New Market Drive)

We also suggest putting a sandbox in the backyard. Fun for the kids now, handy for the rainy season later.

Loud Lounge

 A Second Saturday or so ago, my friends and I, tired yet energized from dealing with the mobs on 20th, decided that lounging on 20th sounded pretty good to us, so we put in for a table at Lounge on 20.

The wait was so long, we popped into the bar-formerly-known-as-Headhunters for a pre-drink drink. Finally, however, we made it to a table.

Lounge definitely aims to bring more hip to midtown. Cavernous, furnished in a communal, Scandanavian chic manner, the place is designed simultaneously for and against catching up with your nearest and dearest. Seating options range from low-slung couches, to long, family-style gathering-height tables you might share with several other parties. That’s the for. The against comes thanks to the sleek, hard-surfaced walls and floors. The place gets l.o.u.d. Don’t expect to whisper secrets to your gal pals here – you’ll need to speak from the diaphram to beat the din.

The bar menu is both edge and by-gone-bar-era-chic, while at the same time working in local flavors and fresh sources to capitalize on current cocktail trends.  Sadly, two kinds of cocktails and my preferred bubbly were out (at 7pm), which led to some disappointing substitutions surprisingly early in the evening.

The food menu is similarly hep-cat: you’ll find the requisite Dish With Truffle Oil listed above Poutine (who’s been to Montreal? Any Québécois in the hizzouse?), yuppie stapple fried Mac ‘N Cheese, and if-you-have-to-ask-you-can’t-afford-it caviar.  We opted for the cheese palte and the charcuterie plate to share among 4 people. They probably share better with two.

The cheese plate over at 58 degrees spanks Loung on 20’s in both quality and quantity and, on our visit, the crostini were covered in enough oil to interfere with the more delicate sheep’s cheese offering. (more…)

Registered? Know where? Know what?

You should be registered to vote by now – but if you aren’t sure – or if you aren’t sure where to vote or what you’ll be able to vote for – click here to look up your registration status with the Sacramento County Registrar.  You’ll need the address of where you think you’re registered, the zip, and your birthdate.

And don’t forget – you always have the right to cast a provisional ballot if you show up day-of and your name isn’t on the rolls.  More questions? Check out the Secretary of State’s website.

Love numbers? Like to cringe over voter participation levels since 1910? SOS has that too.

Lastly: can’t figure out who’s more full of sh*t today? Check your facts here.

They come, they meetup, they leave

While browsing craigslist sacramento a few months age, I noted an ad for a Sacramento Meetup that included a link. The link was for a local Travel club. I attended a few meetings and discovered a group of interesting, active people as well as storehouses of travel information.

Having had so much good fortune with the Travel group, I branched out and discovered there’s a (very active) Sacramento Hiking group. There’s also a lot of health-oriented groups, such as exercise groups. The interesting thing about these groups is that one or two passionate people start them, and then when the membership runs out (Meetup charges an organizer fee), they disband. Most often they disband because there aren’t enough attendees at the scheduled meetings.

If you’re looking for something to lift the winter blues or just to get you out of the house now and then, I recommend checking some of these groups out. Who knows, you might make a few new friends.

Whither thou goest

The state of things here in Sactown: brace yourselves for winter.

A few weeks ago, a shop on my downtown walk was desparately fighting to stay open. The name of the place: Tenacity Gifts. But even with a name like that, there wasn’t enough. Tenacity, that is. So, one day they closed. The day after they closed, there was a woman sleeping under the glass store window. She didn’t appear to be the “typical” homeless person, as she had a clean, new sleeping bag, and her hair appeared to be clean. The thought occurred to me that she might have been the owner, saying goodbye. But probably not.

Even though the store didn’t make it, I hope we all have the tenacity needed to hang on in the weeks ahead!

BREAKING NEWS! You can soon turn left

No really. I know, hardly hugely breaking news, but for those of you who like driving east on H Street, you’ll soon be able to turn  – wait for it – left on 21st Street! So sayeth the KCRA camera man I saw capturing B-roll this morning.

So, slow news day, kids?

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