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Local gifts at a big box store? Who knew.

While making an infrequent bulk-supply run at Costco the other day, I was surprised to see for sale gift cards for the Paragary Restaurant Group – that’s places like Paragary’s, Spataro, Esquire, and R15.  The cards, sold in packs of two $50 cards for around $75, give you a discount on a night out and give you a chance to support a more-or-less local business. (I say more-or-less not because there’s any question that it’s local, just because I think “local business” conjures up an image of a more struggling mom-and-pop operation than Randy Paragary’s Sacto restaurant mafia.)

I didn’t expect to find the local fare among the many gift cards Costco offers at a discount (stuff like movies, Starbucks, etc).  Good idea though.  And who doesn’t appreciate a discount – the Dow just fell below 8000! Ack. Be frugal. Happy Slim Holidays.

Does new hotel establish new ethic? Or rely on old jokes?

So, the Citizen Hotel will open soon and in case you haven’t heard about it yet it is THE coolest thing to happen in Sacramento, potentially ever. It’s so cool the room number signs are cool. So are the lampshades. Seriously, this hotel will outcool you, skinny-jean wearing Midtowner, and you, suit-wearing Capitol staffer, in like 3.2 seconds after it opens on November 30th. In fact, since its first weekend is already booked solid, it’s probably already out-cooled you.

From what I read and hear, little remains of the old building’s interiors – which is probably good since when I went to my optometrists office there, it was overrun by crickets (good luck) and other crawly things (bad luck).

But there’s something about The Citizen Hotel that bothers me, just a little. Something more insidious than its ubercool (hey, I like ubercool), something with a bit more bite . . . . (more…)

Local history

A historic day for a man who has seen a lot of history: Lelia LaRue shows her father, George Francis, a newspaper front page heralding the election of Barack Obama. At 112, Francis is believed to be the oldest man in America and the oldest to vote for Obama. (Sacramento, Calif.) ” (borrowed from the SF Chron’s day in pictures)


Have we made ourselves clear?

Seriously – c’mon, be part of something. We don’t care how you vote – though we certainly have our own strong opinions. But Do Something Today or you just won’t have as much fun talking about the results tomorrow.

If you’re in Sac County and you don’t know where to vote – click here.  In another county? Find your county on this list.

The news talks about lines at polling places like it’s a “problem” for voters. What problem? It’s GREAT! Wait in those lines. Make it worth your time. Take photos. Take videos. Share with the world.

Remember – you have the right to cast a provisional ballot if there’s a problem finding your name on the list at what you believe is your polling place. Don’t leave without voting! Still have an absentee ballot in your hand? No worries – drop it in the box at your polling place or take it to your county registrar. DON’T MAIL IT TODAY though – it won’t be counted if it arrives tomorrow!

VOTE. Now. Do It.

Of candidates and maps

Today’s Bee had a feature on geography-as-destiny in the mayoral race.  The city looks like a donut – if you map areas that lean Johnson against areas that lean Fargo. The city center – old, established neighborhoods, went for Fargo in the primary.  The outer frontiers – North Natomas, the Pocket – went for Johnson.  Polls indicate the trend still exists heading into Tuesday’s final showdown.

Crime concerns are central to the Northern and Southern Sacramento outposts.  It’s worth noting, though, that both reaches experience little violent crime.  It’s the property crimes that keep people awake. I suppose in the grand scheme of things, I’d opt for property crime over violent crime. Or, you know, no crime would be best.

As a resident of both new and old Sacramento – and as someone who’s lived in higher-crime areas in other cities, I know how I’ll be voting on Tuesday. . . . (more…)

Civic Duty + Free Stuff = Turnout!

If you’re keeping track, at least two chains so far are offering freebies to customers who vote on Tuesday (or, I would assume, anytime between now and Tuesday – early or by mail – and retain their stubs).  You can get a cup of ‘bucks in the morning and then an ice cream on the way home.   Democracy is sweet. Vote!

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