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OMG Brew It Up is in Danger!

With what sounds like most of the heavy equipment in midtown barreling west, comes a KCRA news flash that there’s an apartment fire in the 1300 block of H Street.

I hope that few are effected and no one is injured in the blaze – especially at this time of year.

And assuming all persons are sound and the damage is limited, I hope nothing untoward happens to the beer.

Don’t Like The Game? Change The Rules!

Recognizing that his work in city government affords him a chance unavailable in the NBA, Mayor Kevin Johnson will soon circulate a petition for signatures asking Sacramentans to give him the power he needs to be effective in office. Something he apparently just can’t do right now.

I think this is totally lame. (more…)

White dudes in Midtown, listen up.

You’re all suspects. That is, if you are between 5’9″ and 6 feet, and in your 20s. Where were you on December 12 at lunchtime?

Wachovia at 19th and S was robbed. Don’t you think that’s just wrong? I mean, Wachovia is still recovering from a buyout. And they get robbed. Whose money did the robber get, anyway?

In any case, be careful out there. Times are tough all over.

River City Risks

With California’s budget shambles comes a few interesting and risky twists. The Pooled Money Investments Board voted to stop all construction projects today. You might not think much of it, but when you look at the 67 page document listing all projects affected…you mightchange your mind.
Two that caught my eye were here in Sacramento County. One was a Levee Improvement Project at Natomas Cross Canal, and the other an American River Watershed/Folsom Dam Raise Project. Both, by virtue of their titles alone, seem important. But then, I haven’t forgotten Katrina and New Orleans. It’s old news, Katrina, but still applicable here in a city surrounded by levees and encroaching on flood plains.
If you live near a levee, you might want want to inundate your legislator. What ARE they getting paid for, anyway, and why are they getting paid? To protect you and your family from an infrastructure failure? Or to play “chicken until someone blinks” ? I’ve never been starry-eyed in regards to politics, but this construction job list has really gone over the top. Kind of like water over a dam. That was never fixed. Thanks to your (not-so) friendly legislature.

Rant of the Day

Have you ever accidently ended up reading the comments that come after an article in the Sac Bee or other newspaper? Our paper, just like pretty much all the others, apparently believes that giving loons, the ignorant, the hateful, and the pointless a soapbox is the way to compete online and -wha? – get subscribers? Probably not.  But they offer comments on news articles anyway and all it does is give people the chance to make our city look awful.

If you want to rant on a news article – start a blog. It’s free and easy. All you need to learn to do is link. I’ve left comments on news articles (infrequently) so my hands aren’t completely clean here. Can’t the Bee rise above and restore some class to the profession? Okay, so I know it’s not, historically, the classiest job around, but still, the restoration of a few standards would be nice.

Comments are for blogs. Blogs are for commentary. A newspaper isn’t required to offer readers a forum for comments or commentary past letters to the editor or Op-Eds.  Clean it up, Bee!

Cost savings or asking for bad press later?

I’ll apologize in advance for not having a link for this article: Last night, the local news broadcast a story about a New York consulting group hired by Sacramento to look for ways to cut cost. I can’t confirm that it was awarded a no-bid contact, but I thought that’s what I heard. Not looking to start rumors. Anyway, what I DID see, however, was that this firm will be paid $190,000 only if it finds AT LEAST $390,000 in savings for the city. So the minimum the city is guaranteed is a savings of $190,000.

Anyone besides me see a way it can find a savings of $190,000 without needing the firm?  I say: lameness!

How is Sacramento in the news this week? The good and the bad

David Gregory is the new host of NBC’s Meet the Press!  And he used to work at KCRA.  So, yay, us!

But, it’s not all News To Make Us Proud today: Bob Swift of Swift Dodge on Arden Way decided not to swiftly dodge uncomfortable jingoism – nay, he went right for it!

Swift said the American people can help save the auto industry by deciding to buy American-made cars.

“People are reluctant to buy our cars because of the perception that maybe the quality isn’t what it should be,” Swift said. “Therefore, they’re going to buy Japanese, they’re going to buy a German car, forgetting that 50 years ago, we had to bomb those people and kill them by the thousands to keep them from overtaking our country.”

Wow, srsly dude?  You know a lot of those damn-ferner cars are actually assembled in the US, right? And besides that, really? Really!  Really. Ugh.  And the story got picked up nationally, so now he’s Bob Swift of Sacramento. Rad. Thanks for that! I’m never, ever buying a car from you, sir.

For Mumbai coverage . . . .

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