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Spring Springs And Has A Name


Thanks to the Green Acres photo set, I was even able to identify this vine that’s been sneaking into our yard all winter and recently burst into a million little flowers that look like miniature orchids all in a row.  This would’ve been just a photo post. But now it has a name: and I can present to you our (by virtue of it coming to our yard and staying) “hardenbergia walkabout purple.” Happy impending seasonal change.

Things That Are Useful: Landscaping Edition

I don’t want to brag or anything, but generally, I’m a pretty good googler. I find stuff. I mean, it’s not rocket-science to type in a sentence describing what you want to find and hitting “enter” right?

Enter my lame problem: we’re trying to figure out what to plant in our dang yard. I don’t do plants. I know the names of the handful of things I find pretty (ooh, a rose – yeah, I got that one nailed), but past that, not so much.   I suppose an afternoon with a camera or paper and pen at an actual nursery would’ve proved useful, but that requires leaving the house. No good.

Finally, after fruitless google searches (lots of ads out there, not so much info), I flickr searched my way to the oracle of local landscaping flora. 

So this is a public Thank You to Green Acres Nursery and Supply (Roseville and Sacramento) for having what seems to be a comprehensive set of photos and names and even growing tips and specifications for Stuff You Might Like In Your Yard.  Helpful and pretty, too.  Excellent use of flickr resources!

Bet you’ve never read these words before

I had a really great experience on light rail this morning.

Hopped on the Yellow Line at 59th on my way downtown, and sitting across from each other were two kids.  White, maybe 19-20, totally acne-d up, complete punx-with-an-x.  One with a NY baseball cap, flat brim.  The other with a red hoodie, hood on.

Their converation, if you can call it that, was a non-stop stream of swearing, using the f-bomb like Caroline Kennedy used “you know”:  “My f’in sister’s up for ten years, it’d cost f’in five hundred grand for her bail.” “Yeah, when I f’in saw what BJ done to my mom, I told him straight up, `You ain’t my f’in brother no more.  Colin here’s my f’in brother.'”

Their patter continued, both to each other and into their cell phones, non-stop at full volume.  Then, our unlikely savior arrived.  At the… (more…)

Can’t See The Skyline For The Rain


No weather for a bike race . . . . Friday, February 13, taken from the 16th Floor of the Sheraton Grand Hotel, looking West.

Cosmo Doesn’t Reach The Stars, But Still Makes For A Pleasant Night


It was Friday the 13th – never a day to expect things to run smoothly. My mission: reservations for a group of 10, 8 of them high school students, at a nicer restaurant within walking distance of the convention center and Capitol, limited to a two-hour time frame, and a $30 per person budget.  Awesome, right? Do high school students even appreciate a nicer restaurant? Well, they would on my watch. These kids were part of a program designed to teach them about government, civic responsibility, and being a grown-up. That last part means learning how to comport yourself at a business dinner and expanding your culinary horizons.  After checking with my favorite local restaurants (“I know 7pm on a Friday is primetime for your restaurant, but could you seat us and work with us on a fixed price menu? No? Okay, thanks” – went the script with Waterboy, Mulvaney’s, and Grange), I turned to the Randy Paragary Sacramento Empire of California Fusion Restaurants And Dining Experiences. Again.   It’s not that I dislike Paragary’s offerings – but I was worried Cosmo Cafe wouldn’t prove much different than last year’s Esquire Grill fare.  Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised (more…)


Being the practical guy that I am, I made Valentine’s Day reservations for Sunday at Piatti, over in the Pavilions on Fair Oaks:

“You’d like reservations for Saturday?”

“No, Sunday.  What kind of person goes out to dinner on a Saturday night?”

“Well, sir, according to my reservation book, about half the population of Sacramento…”

Piatti has a low-key, pleasantly relaxed atmosphere:  families with kids, older foursomes, Arden Park-looking folks at the bar–I suspect this place sees more than its share of Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags.  We showed up about 7pm for our 6:30 reservation, and were immediately shown to our table.  The hostess fixed the wobble without being asked and gave us menus. We then sat… (more…)

An impressive sight

Running along the Jed Smith trail yesterday around 11:45, the three of us were confronted with a peloton.  About 10 riders in matching blue-and-white jerseys coming towards us at a pretty good clip.  They smiled at us, and zipped on by.

Somehow, a group of ten cyclists was able to stay in one lane, and easily maneuver around three runners who were hugging the left side of the trail.  Apparently, it’s not too tough to cohabitate the trail.   Why is that less than five minutes later, a lone cyclist on a mountain bike almost ran us over, due to being completely absorbed in his iPod?

Litteracy is Fundementel

I wish I’d had my camera to record the graffito of a zany liberal down by Old Sacramento:


So eloquent.  So simple.  So silly.

Also, much as I enjoy having my very own bully pulpit here at the Sacramento Metroblog, I miss seeing some other contributors.  Anyone care to give an assist, content-wise?

More train confusion

Last week, I was zipping along through downtown on my happy little Xootr, and down came the crossing arms.  As I had–once again–neglected to heed my rule of “always get across the tracks as soon as you can,” I let out a mental sigh and resigned myself to a wait.

Chugging southbound was…an Amtrak passenger liner.  This week, another Amtrak was coming south by the Blue Diamond plant, and then headed west on the River Park tracks.  A dozen years of Sacramento, hundreds of trains witnessed, and those were both a first.  Anyone have any idea Amtrak was bogarting the freight tracks?

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