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I can do it for less

In my Surewest bill this month, there’s an insert for all the other services Surewest will provide besides just your cable, internet, and phone. Like setting up your universal remote for $79.  I’ll do it for $50!  Seriously, who pays for that? Who pays that much for that?

Swine flu: because Sacramento has conquered regular flu, hunger, homelessness, cancer, etc

There are now 13 – dear god! – cases of swine flu confirmed in California, including three here in Sacramento so far. OHMYGODPANIC! Or don’t.  Each year, about 36, 000 people die from flu related causes in the United States. That sounds awful, right?  But it’s been going on every year and except for a few news stories about the availability of this year’s flu shot, were you worried much about it? No, you weren’t.  There’s no indication so far that swine flu is any more dangerous than regular flu. Of course, there are many strains of flu each year – that’s why the flu shot changes each year (it also isn’t effective for much more than 5 months at a time).  Flu is smart! It evolves.  So we try to meet its challenges. Freaking out and trying to get tamiflu or taking (totally pointless) antibiotics that have been in your cabinet for a year, however, is only going to help flu and other viruses get smarter.

So, Sacramento, a few tips: first, don’t panic. Second, if you’re sick – any kind of sick – stay the hell home from work. No one wants your sickness. Especially if you have paid sick leave. You aren’t a rock star who will work through anything and win points from your boss. You’re an a-hole who selfishly cares about his/her own image rather than the health of your coworkers. Cut it out.  Third, wash your hands. You mom has told you this for year. Fourth, try to use your head and the internet to find facts that illustrate how NOT a big deal this swine flu thing is. And of course, I hope I’m not tempting fate and if people end up dying in the streets and being carted off Monty-Python-style, then, well, I’m sorry in advance. But it makes me weep for our lack of national or local thoughtfulness when I hear local radio DJs’ disappointment when they hear from a nurse that most people who show swine flu symptoms aren’t going to be told to come to the hospital, won’t receive some special treatment, and mainly just need to keep up the fluids and get some rest.

There’s so much in the world to worry about. Why shirk the responsibility of thinking about important things by focusing on something that isn’t anything so far?

Chilling at Rubicon

Kicking off the weekend with at pint at the Rubicon Brewing Company on Capitol Ave.

It’s a friendly, neighborhood bar where people can enjoy good beer, conversation and the latest ball game. I like watering holes that are crowded and I can still hear what my hubby’s saying.

Monkey Knife Fight
[From Flickr]

I tried out the Monkey Knife Fight. To me, this pale ale was heavy on some floral scents and it had a spicy finish.

On Thursday, you can enjoy some tasty brews and food while contributing to a good cause. Rubicon’s holding a fundraiser for Elk Grove Police Officers on April 30.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of beer all day will be donated to the Elk Grove Police Motor Unit to aid in sending officers to Washington D.C. to attend a memorial ceremony in honor of a fellow fallen officer, Deputy Larry Canfield.

Go Shopping

This is outside the Bread Factory on J Street. Poor puppy hoping for some leftovers.

Outside the Bread Factory

Now, imagine, Free Gift Cards.
And no strings attached.

Today, Inter-Cal Real Estate is giving away $20.00 gift cards to the first 300 people standing in line at these locations. It starts at 10 AM.

  • Folsom Faire – 671 E. Bidwell Street, Folsom – Grocery Outlet
  • Folsom Central – 1151 Riley St, Folsom. -Round Table Pizza
  • Sunrise Festival I – 7929 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights – BevMo
  • Sunrise Festival II – 7929 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights – BevMo
  • Greenback Square – 8065 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights – Play It Again Sports
  • LakeCrest Village – 1040 Florin Road, Sacramento – Nugget Market

According to the press release, the Sacramento company wants to help out people who are trying to get by in the middle of this recession. This is damn cool idea.

Local Yoga Studio takes impressive field trip

Zuda Yoga instructors at the White House (photo from Zuda Yoga blog)

Zuda Yoga instructors at the White House (photo from Zuda Yoga blog)

Local Yoga studio, Zuda Yoga (been there, love it, awesome instructors, awesome vibe, great community, booty-kicking workout) sent a flock of teachers to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll this past weekend.  Apparently, it’s the first time there’s been yoga on the front lawn of the White House.  Congrats to a local business with a now national reach!

50-50 on 20

It’s my favorite art time of year in Sacramento: the return of the 50-50 Show at 20th Street Art Gallery in midtown.   What is 50-50?  It’s a challenge to local artists to create 50 paintings (all uniform, small squares), one a day, for 50 days. The results are varied, inspiring, lovely, and affordable.  You can find a lot of art in town that hits the first three elements on that list, but for many of us, that last one – affordable – is elusive.

There’s a series for all tastes: realistic depictions of life along Sacramento’s rivers, vibrant paintings of local signage and landmarks, whimsical images of pop cultural icons, animals, tattoo imagery, and even food.  Prices for a single panel of an artist’s work range from $50 to $120 (thereabouts, anyway) making it an accessible entry into the local arts market.  Be warned, though: you’ll probably want more than one artist’s work and you’ll probably want all 50 of each.  The show runs until May 30th with the gallery open in April from noon through 6pm,Wednesday through Saturday – and, of course, late hours on May 9th for Second Saturday. Don’t miss it!

Lareina Lynn Holsopple
Lareina Lynn Holsopple

When kids are encouraged to be adults, then yes, things get difficult

A cheerleading coach in Orangevale got axed after parents approached the school with semi-nude photos of her from a Playboy website.  Why? ‘Cause:

“Whenever we have people working with students, they should set a good example.”

Ann Buell, a mother of two student athletes, said the coach offered the wrong message at a time when more and more nude photos of teenagers are finding their way to Web sites.

“How are we going to tell them it’s wrong when they say, ‘Coach is doing it?’ “

How about by telling them that Coach is an adult and student athlete is not?  Yes, teens today are entirely too free with their sexual identities and spend too much time online ignoring the very important message that The Internets Never Forget.  Before they are 18, however, guess what, parents and schools, you can do your best to teach them about what’s appropriate, and at what age such things might be appropriate.

Nothing in the story indicates that the coach was posting these photos on her MySpace page or had them hanging in her office or displayed at cheerleading practice. So past that, I think the question becomes: parents, why are your kids on the Playboy website? And why don’t they understand that what is okay at 25 isn’t okay at 16?

Hey, Isn’t Being Selfish, Like, Soooo 2005?

If you haven’t heard, it’s, um, Tea-bagging day around the country. Sorry – we try to keep this a family blog, but apparently, no one in the conservative, anti-tax movement watches Sex and The City, or, like, has ever been introduced to pop culture. Whatever. Today is the day to gather on the Capitol steps to watch a live shot for Fox News and decry taxes.

Except, I have to figure that if you have time in your schedule to protest this particular issue, you probably can afford to pay your taxes. And no, I don’t think it’s people who’ve been out of work who will show up. I think Neil Cuvato and Michelle Malkin can afford to pay their taxes just fine: they’re just being SUPER SELFISH at a time when maybe we should shut the hell up and pitch in. Time to clue in, haters.  The old days are over and while we’ve yet to hear calls for us to ration meat, metal, and nylon and start a victory garden, we’re still much more likely to hear it on the current prevailing winds than we’ve been for the past 8 years, during which time we were led to believe that it was good to expect your cake to remain while chomping happily on it as well.

Sure, I’d love to keep more of my paycheck. And yes, sometimes I feel like I need more cash. But I’m also fully aware that there are more people right now that need help more than ever before. So I’ve mailed my check to the Franchise Tax Board and I’m happy to have done it.

Homeless Encampment Fears City, Oprah

The city is moving people from the so-called tent city.  The residents there, along with homeless advocates, aren’t exactly in love with Oprah. She drew attention to the encampment by airing footage on it and indicating an increase in campers due to the crap economy. Not quite, say homeless advocates: there’s been a homeless problem for quite awhile, a lot of residents have been there since before the economy tanked, and it’s geographic proximity to a food bank makes it attractive.

So, thanks Oprah?  Maybe? Not really.

Note to the City: Please fix these bogus street markings

As I recall from driver training – which was, admittedly, a few years ago now – a solid, unbroken white line indicates no changing lanes.  Doesn’t one appearing when approaching an intersection generally (maybe not always) mean a lane is presenting you with a forced-turn scenario?  Herein lies my issue.5th-street-issue 

See, when  you’re driving east along J Street, heading into town from the freeway or Old Sac, etc, you come up to the intersection of 5th and J and a combination of signs, street markings, and newbies makes for a potentially dangerous situation.

It doesn’t show up too well in this screen grab from google’s street view feature, but there is a “Left lane must turn left” sign on the left side of the (one-way) street.  There are, however, TWO left turn lanes. One, the closest to the curb, is frequently (partially) blocked – depending on the time of day – with parked cars, but the lane is still there with a white left turn arrow painted on it. You can see the SUV and trailer in this lane in the photo.  There’s a solid while line dividing it from the next lane.  THIS lane, however, also has a solid while line dividing IT from the center lane.  BUT, it has a turn arrow AND A STRAIGHT ARROW.  You are NOT required to turn left from this lane.

Here’s the rub:  That furthest left lane, the truly forced turn lane, it sort of materializes to the left of drivers who are in the Turn/Straight lane.  When you add in the parked cars and general rush-hour confusion, most people assume they are already in the lane that must turn left. So they slam on the brakes, [too infrequently] engage their right hand turn indicators and wait to be let into the far busier center lane because they are misled into thinking they’re going to be forced to turn left. But they could go straight! They just don’t know because they can’t see that straight arrow for all the traffic.

So, City of Sacramento, could you please do one of a few things, or all of these things: 1.) put up some of those graphic signs with the lanes and arrows mapped out for us (you know, like you have on H coming up to 15th and 16th Streets).  2.) Could you paint the turn/straight arrows on the ground several times and earlier?  3.) Could you turn the solid, thick white line into a dashed, thick white line?

Thanks, much appreciated.

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