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Pizza and Beer

Both add up to good times in a college town. That’s especially true for Woodstock Pizza in Davis.

Before that – I want to give folks a heads up about pairing beer with a good cause. This afternoon, Sudwerk’s hosting a Beerfest. It’s a Celebration of All Things Beer. You can taste brews from Northern and Central Cali breweries. There’s also food, live music and the tours of the Sudwerk Brewery. Best of all, the ticket sales go to the non-profit group: “Citizens Who Care.” I’m thinking about going. How about you?

Woodstock in Davis
Let’s go back to Woodstock…


Big Hearts, Big Pies

Love Pizza? There’s a fantastic way to indulge in your love all things pie and help a great cause.

The new California Pizza Kitchen at 16th and K is donating today’s sales to the wonderful people behind the magic at Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Check out the press release:

Following CPK’s tradition of giving back to the communities in which it operates, the new CPK restaurant will donate 100% of all dine-in pizza sales during regular business hours on Tuesday, May 26, 2009, to the Sacramento chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

By the way, I’m a sucker for the Thai Chicken Pizza at CPK. Mozzarella cheese and a spicy peanut sauce add up to a delightful, tangy flavor combination. Who knew?

What’s your favorite?

Sacramento needs to stop shopping

We’re #10!  On a list of worst cities for credit card debt.   Bummer.

Average Credit Card Debt Per Household: $8,813.45

Median Household Income: $58,338

Percent of Income Owed To Credit Card Companies: 15.11%

Sac Bee & Prop 8: illustrating the problem with old media’s adoption of new media tools

The news is that the CA SC upheld Prop 8 (shocking! Wait, no it isn’t. And again, the anger over the mismanagement of the No On 8 Campaign rises like bile in my throat), but the derivative news is that the Sac Bee also says:

Editors note: is disabling comments on this story to avoid hate speech and personal attacks.

Oh please.  Let’s go through the ways in which this aims to be right, but comes out wrong:

First, the Sac Bee thinks/admits/confirms that readers – at least web content readers – are bigots who can’t help themselves. The Bee doesn’t think very highly of you, readers.

Second, the Bee has thus commented substantively on the content of the article and the decision of the courts in electing to disable comments on THIS article.  After all – hate and personal attacks are totally fine on other articles about people killed in car crashes, employees discussed in the State Worker blog . . . come to think of it, people post hateful comments on pretty much every article. And they get to do it under fake names. Go Bee!

Okay – those are the two I can come up with right now, but check back for more reasons why this is stupid. I wish the Bee would note that their selective protection of the community is an indication that maybe they should get out of the pseudo-blog business entirely and just focus on reporting the news.  I may even despise the practice less were it kept to just opinion pieces and features. But not news.  World, if you want to comment on news, start your own damn blog. Or maybe better yet, start having a conversation with neighbors again. Real life can be so much more satisfying than computers.

A wise-guy, eh?

Do you frequently tell the funniest jokes at cocktail parties? Are you unusually predisposed to stop your channel surfing on Seinfeld re-runs?  Do you watch those stand-up specials on Comedy Central?

Do you want to see if you can make it in front of a live crowd?  Well, here’s your chance!

Sacramento Comedy Spot – home to cutting-edge improv – is branching out its academic offerings with a new class on Stand-Up taught by local comedian John Ross.   Introduction to Stand-Up Comedy runs for five weeks and meets each Saturday at either 10:00am or noon.  Click for more info!

Classes start this Saturday.  Oh – and improv and sketch comedy classes are available also, as always.

You have about 10 minutes of good radio left, Sacramento

How disappointing!

KWOD has been playing Alternative music for Sacramento since 1991. Those were the days before the term “Alternative” was actually coined by some supposed marketing genius somewhere. Then most people just called it Modern Rock and we played bands, like the Pixies, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths and The Clash.

There have been many great years, like the explosion of the Grunge era and the creativity of the late 90’s. There have also been many passionate and talented people sitting behind the microphones at KWOD, turning you on to new artists and songs, playing your favorites of the years past and letting you know about what was going on with those bands and the people like you, who loved them.

That is why it is so difficult to tell you that, after 18 years, KWOD is coming to an end. The last few years have been very challenging for KWOD; as it has been for the world of Alternative music, and the radio stations that play it, in general. The severe downturn in the economy over the last year has affected many people and companies. I’m not telling you something that you don’t already know. But, perhaps you didn’t know that, while we are a radio station, we face the same circumstances as so many other organizations today… the challenge of running a business profitably. We have taken many steps over the last few years to improve things, but in the end they have not been enough. We’re proud of what KWOD has stood for over the years. And, we’ve had fun being part of it.

Some of you may want to blame this decision on some faceless corporation. While KWOD does have a parent company, it’s not how it came down. This was a local decision that was both difficult and personal. We had to finally admit that our best efforts, over a number of years, were not going to produce the results we needed.

So, on Friday, May 22nd at 9am…KWOD will be no more.

Your loyalty to the music, and to KWOD, is more appreciated than any of us can effectively express. So, we will leave it with a simple, genuine “Thank you”…

Please e-mail your comments to: or leave a message on our voicemail – 339-4220.

Curtiss Johnson
Program Director / KWOD

The Annual Shutterbug Post: DSP Photo Contest 2010! [Updated]

We know, we post it every year. But here it is again: the Downtown Sacramento Partnership has issued its annual call to local photogs for entries to its 2010 contest.  Find all the details via the link.  This year, the DSP is offering helpful categories to guide would-be winners.  Judging by simple Flickr searches, we have some great local artists who capture interesting, unique aspects of downtown life and culture. 

Though I can’t put my hands a copy of the rules from past year’s contests, it seems to me that DSP is allowing more entries (good!) and has a more comprehensive list of categories (good!).  The only major drawback – at least to me – is that the rules continue to restrict entries to one per category, despite allowing 12 entries from a single person.  If you have a specialty, then, you can’t present more than a sole example of your best work.  I wasn’t downtown for New Year’s Eve, but I adore taking photos of the downtown Farmers’ Markets.  I wish they would ease up or restructure that restriction. [Ed’s note: They did! See below]

Good luck to all entrants!


Ask and ye shall receive:

Good morning,

I just saw your Metblog post, and first let me say, “Thanks for the mention
on your blog!” And, YES, there are expanded categories and/or subject
suggestions to help photographers get an idea of the kinds of things we look
for-you know, beyond the iconic Tower Bridge and Capitol bldg….  And YES,
we are now allowing more entries. I agree that there are amazing local
artists who would make great additions to the 2010 calendar.

I am emailing, however, because your post made me realize that I think I
uploaded the wrong entry form…We actually DID change the rules to allow 15
photos total, 3 per category for each entrant, specifically for the reasons
you talked about on the blog entry.  When I read your post, I went back and
checked it. Yup. Wrong PDF.

I just updated the website with the correct form, and at the bottom of page
two of the form, you should see the new information as well as a consistent
deadline date (that was wrong too) of Sept. 11, 2009. I¹ve also attached the
correct form to this email, for your convenience. The photo release can be
found on the website, as usual.

Again, thanks for posting, and we really appreciate that you appreciate the
new guidelines. We really hope to shake things up with the calendar, by
altering the rules, specifically listing the kinds of events we would like
to see photographed, etc.

We look forward to your entries!

Julia Beckner
Programming Manager
Downtown Sacramento Partnership

Shop at Kohl’s? Better look at that receipt!

The Sacramento County Department of Weights and Measures – and now CBS – have caught Kohl’s overcharging customers so frequently that the District Attorney’s office is now involved in the investigation.  Problems have run up in Natomas, Elk Grove, and Modesto.   Buyer beware!

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