New law’s effect visible in area restaurants

Have you noticed it?  Been to any chain restaurants lately?  If you’ve been to a place with more than 20 locations, you should’ve seen some new numbers on the menu – the calorie count – thanks to a law that took effect on July 1.  Restaurants aren’t required to give you the full nutritional values (so if you watch carbs, sugars, or use the Weight Watchers system, you still won’t have all of the information you need), but the basic calorie count is a good shorthand for decision-making.

I spend more time at Sacramento-specific locations than larger chains, but one place I have noticed the new menu is California Pizza Kitchen (at their newest location on 16th and L).  The counts drive home something I wish more people realized: just because it’s a salad don’t make it healthy, gang.  A full Thai Crunch Salad will take care of your entire daily calorie recommendation at a whopping 2115 calories.  And before you split dessert because you think that makes it okay, note their Turtle Sundae weighs in at 1500+ calories.

The above article notes that some restaurants are re-evaluating recipes in light of the new law, cutting up to 800 calories off dishes.  I hope more restaurants take note of that trend: you really don’t need to load up on the butters, oils, and sugars to keep diners happy.

I wish smaller restaurants would provide the same nutritional information – but this is a good start.  Does knowing the numbers change your eating habits or just confirm your guilty feelings?

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